Cindy Summer

Spiritual Counselor; Certified Herbalist


Readings at Serenity by Zen

2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month

5:00 - 9:00 PM

Next spa availability July 27, 2017

25076 Center Ridge Rd, Westlake, OH 44145

(440) 360-7263

Psychic readings with Cindy Summer available at Serenity by Zen! All readings are for the purpose of healing, growth, and learning.

Cost: $25 for a 15 minute reading.
$50 for a 30 minute reading.

Cash or credit/debit card accepted.

Sign-up by contacting the spa at (440) 360-7263.

Yes, I am still conducting private readings in my studio either in-person or remotely via Zoom. This is just another avenue to reach me.

Serenity by Zen is a spa that offers multiple services, including: spray tan, massage, eyelash extensions, facials, and all types of waxing. Stay tuned for open house information as Serenity by Zen is a new spa, but in the capable hands of owner, Zenny, who has a decade of experience. 

Grounding on-the-Go Summer Series

Weekly on Tuesday 7:00 - 7:30 PM

Beginning July 11, 2017

via Remote Audio Conferencing OR In-Person, your choice

Family Rates OR Individual Rates available

What is Grounding?

Grounding is a form of meditation which, by virtue of Earth's magnetism, pulls off heavy emotions and life-clutter. In essence, it is a car wash for your aura. (The aura is the etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies that extend beyond the physical body.) It isn't necessary to do anything other than have the willingness to sit still. The Earth has a natural ability to clear an aura due to polarity (North and South poles.) 

Why would I want a clean aura?

I'm so glad you asked! A clean and clear aura is necessary for physical, mental, and emotional health. It is the only way to remove old emotions and traumas. It doesn't remove memory but removes the energetic imprint. For instance, it is human and normal to feel anger, however, it is another issue to harbor anger. Anger doesn't need a home - feel it and get rid of it. Ultimately, anger (energy) turns into infection (physical.) Physical issues ALWAYS begin with energy.

Why is it On-the-Go?

It is no longer necessary to drive to my studio when you can simply click a link on your computer or device. AND it's only 30 minutes of your time. However, I'm always happy to see my clients and have chairs available.

Tweens and older are welcome if they have the ability to sit quietly.

What if I miss a class?

I will provide an audio recording of the class to participate in at your own convenience.


Remaining dates: July 25, Aug 1, 8, and 15

Pro-Rate Cost for $10/class

~just PayPal $ to [email protected] ~

Summer Holistic Series:

Stress and Anxiety-Managing Holistically

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 following the grounding class

7:45 - 8:15 PM

Remote Participation via Zoom OR In-Person at my Studio

Cost:  $5

This class teaches physiological techniques and supplementation suggestions to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Ideally, these suggestions would be coupled with the grounding technique to cover all bases. Drugs create side-effects but this protocol creates side-benefits!

Copy and Paste this Link Below to Register:

Sleep Issues-Managing Holistically

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 following the grounding class

7:45 - 8:30 PM

Remote Participation via Zoom OR In-Person at my Studio

Cost:  $5

This class is designed to give techniques and offer holistic supplementation suggestions for sleep issues. The body cannot repair itself properly if sleep deprived.

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Dream Interpretation 

picture courtesy of Fox 8, New Day Cleveland
Cindy pictured with Kristi Capel and David Moss

Medina County Library - Brunswick Branch
3649 Center Road
Brunswick, OH  44212 

Please register with the library. This event will fill.
6:30 PM
July 26, 2017 
Each night as we drift off into sleep, we are given clues to help us navigate in the journey of life, through the gift of dream. Dreams provide suggestions on how to solve problems. Since dreams are usually highly symbolic, we must look at pieces of the dream as if solving a puzzle.  I will take common dream symbols and explain their meaning so it can be applied to waking life. This class, in a combination lecture and discussion format, will open your eyes to a world in which we often ignore - Dreams!  Share your recent dreams and we'll decipher.

Seer Series 
Saturdays: September 23, 30, and October 7

9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

at the Healing Studio of Cindy Summer
16903 Fischer Road (rear of bldg, ground floor, far left)

This class is for anyone who recognizes that they have psychic abilities. It doesn't matter if you're new to the seer scene or if you have some level of experience. 


 Other public events include library presentations on varies subjects, but the events are too numerous to mention.  Call or email for a list of public presentations.  The same goes for frequent presentations at holistic or psychic fairs.

In addition, I am available for private presentations to groups, clubs, and house parties.  The learning never stops and often an hour is not enough! Just call or email.  

Ideas for presentations can include, but are not limited to:  dream interpretation, and healing stories. Herbs and holistic healing topics are an unlimited topic. 



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