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The Foundation of Health

Posted by csy11 on September 20, 2016 at 2:25 PM

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Digestive health is the key to overall health. Without a healthy digestive system, it is not possible to fully absorb vitamins and minerals. Each body system, beyond the obvious digestive system, requires a specific vitamin/mineral formula for optimal functioning. Without absorbing that formula, the system breaks down over time resulting in illness, disease, and poor health. This can mean something as simple as the common cold or something far more severe. For instance, cancer patients should be on a strong probiotic to help counter the effects of chemotherapy which wipes out the immune system.

The foundation for good digestive health starts with a solid probiotic and I don't mean yogurt!  A choice probiotic often comes in encapsulated form and requires refrigeration. (There are chewable probiotics available when needed. This is a nice option if you have difficulty taking capsules, are a child, or are traveling and don't have refrigeration.) Probiotics populate the gut with good bacteria and helps with weight management efforts. 

Some clients have said they don't feel any different from using a probiotic. This is because probiotics are preventative. You may only notice the difference if you do not continue on the regimen. Immune illnesses may pop up more frequently. Migraine headaches may occur more often. Depression and irritability may seem more intense. The list goes on!

Probiotics are also essential for anyone with irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's, colitis, diverticulitis, etc. 

For best results, take before bedtime. Get your children in the routine of taking probiotics too! 

Consider Nature's Sunshine products as your source for probiotics.  I like Bifidophilus Flora Force (Bifi for short.) Or, for more serious needs, consider Eleven Elevated.


Cindy Summer, Medical Intuitive/Healer & Certified Herbalist


Either call Nature’s Sunshine at 1-800-453-1422 or go to their site at and indicate Cindy Summer as your sponsor, account # 3533095, and specify account type Classic. They can ship directly to your home.


Please order through my sponsorship as I get a small override on the purchases. This allows me to practice full-time and maintain office space. Without clients that purchase either directly from me or through my sponsorship, I cannot continue to provide properly for your health care needs.

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