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Posted by csy11 on August 3, 2015 at 1:45 PM

Just the other day, a client (I'll call her Anne), arrived for a session. She had just lost her beloved dog two weeks earlier. Tragically, she had to put him to sleep as it was the most humane choice. Anne was grief stricken--her pup was her baby--part of the family. It seemed so unfair. At the heart of it all, the question arises...why? Usually those tough questions don't get answered.

Here's where the synchronicity comes into play.  I had to put my little sweetheart to sleep, too. The very same day! Anne knew she needed to see me; there was a sense of urgency. However, I had not revealed my loss to anyone but family. My point? Anne didn't know our "coincidence" until she arrived.

Isn't that amazing how the Universe arranged that synchronicity? It was no accident.

I remember when we bought my girl from a breeder. We were supposed to get a puppy, but the dog had lost her litter. The breeder asked, "Would you like instead, the mother? Her name is Monet."

"Monet--her name is Monet?" Goosebumps arose on my arms. Physical signs never lie. My favorite artist of all time! Claude Monet is all over my office. I literally cannot get enough of his work. He moves my soul. Little did I know at the time, but the little Bichon Frise known as Monet would move me, too. She was more human than canine. I'd lasso the moon for her.

I'm sure you can relate to other instances in your life... Running into that person you miss...the phone ringing when you needed to hear from opportunity when all seemed offer for assistance when you felt as if no one cared...a smile from a stranger that warmed your heart.

Those are the kinds of wonderful synchronicities we could never plan even if we tried.

RIP Monet.

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