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Numerology - Life Path #3

Posted by csy11 on July 29, 2014 at 9:40 AM

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As a general review, this blog is in reference to the art of numerology. Life Path number is determined based upon birth date. See my earlier blog, "Numerology - Life Path Number," for how to calculate the Life Path number which may be used to gain valuable perspective on oneself.

The Life Path Number 3 usually has a vibrancy attached.  3s tend to have the potential to be extremely creative, emotional, imaginative, optimistic and even flirtatious.  You have a zest for living and many will see you as a ray of sunshine.  The number 3 is considered lucky so you often find yourself in exactly the right place at the right time.  You can also be shrewd and a hard worker.  3s are highly local.  When you are at your best, you are inspirational, artistic, and child-like.  Lightheartedness is such a blessing.  Learn to speak your truth from the heart.  Once this is mastered, you will inspire others, but not until then.

On the shadow side, you can be prone to gossip, critical, and even self-deprecating.  3s are often not good with money because they are often more concerned about having fun in the "now" and may have difficulty planning for the future.  If a 3 is emotionally hurt, they will make sharp comments.  If you cannot move past this, you will become the person that people avoid.  It is important for a 3 to be in a career where they can express themselves otherwise they may become stuck in their shadow.  

Career Paths include: coaching, public relations, writing, designing, performing, and even radio.

Famous Life Path 3s include: Alfred Hitchcock, Shania Twain, Charles Dickens, and Rihanna.

This blog topic is meant to spark an interest in the subject and assist where you may struggle. There are many solid websites and books available on the subject.

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