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Numerology - Life Path #2

Posted by csy11 on July 22, 2014 at 3:05 PM
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Life Path #2


As a general review, this blog is in reference to the art of numerology. Life Path number is determined based upon birth date. See my earlier blog, "Numerology - Life Path Number," for how to calculate the Life Path number which may be used to gain valuable perspective on oneself.


The Life Path Number 2 is about peacekeeping, compromise, and harmony.  The number 2 understands cooperation and the need for patience.  Generally, a 2 will stop at nothing to keep the peace.  You are a perfect partner, friend, confidant, and employee.  Your ultimate goal is to bring people together via diplomacy.  You are persuasive and have the gift of gab to get your visionary point across.  You may have been the one to coin the phrase, "There is no "I" in the word "team."  In addition, you are likely very tactful.  Companionship is very important to the 2.


On the shadow side, you are highly sensitive which can cause much heartache.  You tend to take things personally and strive for peace often to the point of self-sacrifice.  Don't allow yourself to be someone else's lackey.  Your feelings count too.  Sometimes you have a tendency to become apathetic or even lazy.  Be careful not to always be on the fence because you are afraid of making waves.  If you have fallen into shadow, you will have a tendancy toward paranoia.  


Career Paths include: mediation, politics, any supportive role, and counseling.  


Famous Life Path 2s include: Bill Clinton, Madonna, Barack Obama, and Julie Andrews.


This blog topic is meant to spark an interest in the subject and assist where you may struggle. There are many solid websites and books available on the subject.


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