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Numerology - Life Path #1

Posted by csy11 on July 7, 2014 at 5:55 PM
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Life Path #1

As a general review, this blog is in reference to the art of numerology.  Life Path number is determined based upon birth date.  See my earlier blog, "Numerology - Life Path Number," for how to calculate the Life Path number which may be used to gain valuable perspective on oneself.  

The Life Path Number 1 is all about the road to independence and becoming a strong individual. You tend to love obstacles and even thrive on it since the 1 is very strong both mentally and physically. You have original ideas, too and tend to be highly creative. Once you've mastered independence, you then move on to leadership. People that tend to jump from job to job may be a 1 since they are meant to lead rather than follow, so consider the structure you find yourself in. Perhaps owning your own business is much more viable than reporting for work in a traditional sense.  You are courageous and a real pioneer.  Self-motivation is a given for you.  

On the shadow side, you may find it difficult to tolerate others who are not as driven as you and may deem them lazy.  You may have difficulty asking for help even though at times it may be necessary.  You also may be critical, so try to consider the feelings of others.  Overall, a 1 may be egotistical and self-centered.  Watch for these negative traits.

Career Paths include: political and military leadership roles, inventor, entertainment industry, business owner especially with anything creative, and any leadership role that requires quick thinking.  Many are actors and musicians, too.

Famous Life Path 1s include:  Tom Hanks, Maria Shriver, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jim Morrison.

Be sure you do not have a Life Path number of 10 or 19 and erroneously reduced it to a 1.  

This blog topic is meant to spark an interest in the subject and assist where you may struggle. There are many solid websites and books available on the subject.



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