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A Conversation with Mary

Posted by csy11 on December 5, 2013 at 1:25 PM

picture courtesy of Sarah J. Buck ~ Balancing Room


While deeply involved in making format changes to a large document, I often skimmed what I previously wrote as much of the document was now years old. I came across a conversation I had had with Mary, mother of Jesus, over three years ago. At that point in time, my daughter had her heart set on a prestigious and very expensive high school that I had no way of paying for, yet we were both intuitivively drawn to it, regardless of the cost. Mary so happens to be the patron saint of the school so communicating with her held a great deal of importance. I had asked Mary for not only assistance with the situation but if there was a "how." Mary told me only what I needed to know, that "A way would be made."


At the last minute, after the first tuition payment was due, but a few weeks before freshman year started, we received a letter from the school that my daughter had a full endowment! She was meant to be at that fabulous school. She's now a senior and has thrived beyond all words thanks to Mary.


Getting back to present time...


As I think is typical with life in general, and particularly that of a healers' life, I noticed my path changing yet again over the past summer and did not necessarily like it. Working hard on the document was my least favorite thing to do and this is an understatement. After glimpsing and recalling about Mary, I thought perhaps it was time to have another chat. I did not normally go around speaking to individual Divine beings but usually communicated to Divinity as a whole. As this thought passed through my head, I noticed one of my many plants in my office. This particular plant was low maintenance and perfect no matter what I did. In fact, it never lost a single leaf. As I'm looking at the plant, one of it's branches moves and a large leaf falls off. I knew a sign when I saw it and preferred not to get hit in the head with a 2" x 4". Interestingly, the plant is directly underneath a picture of Mary. Time to chat.


As I was already grounded, Mary appeared instantaneously. She had been waiting for me but was most patient even though I was sloth-like at times. I asked, "What is going on? I can't make sense of anything." (No need to give a frame of reference as she knew.) Mary responded, "You asked for incentive to finish the document." Oh...pause..."I did." (Note to self: Be careful what you ask for.) My schedule had been cleared by Divinity to work all day every day on said document. My plans had been changed yet AGAIN. I, of course, had preferred for incentive in the form of dreams or other signs, but we don't always get what we want. I then asked some specific questions which Mary graciously remainded silent as I was not supposed to know.


Less than 30 minutes later, my friend and colleague, Sarah Buck, who is in the same building, called and asked if I had a minute. She had been taking pictures of her front entrance for her website and had some unusual pictures. Sure enough, there was a stream of light that beamed down out of nowhere. She took numerous pictures but could not find the source of the light - there was no apparent reason. In addition, the ground area was flooded with beautiful purple light. I asked Sarah, "When did you take this picture?" She said, "Within the last half hour." I said, "I think I know who this is!"


Nothing is coincidence.


Sarah J. Buck is a fantastic healer and has had advanced training with Donna Eden. Her business is called Balancing Room and Sarah does just that - anything with the chakras, meridians, aura, and many other necessary balancing aspects. I have sent my own children to her, so I can tell you how good she is! Here is her link:


Our beautiful building is called Exeter Square and is located at: 16903 Fischer Road, Lakewood, OH 44107. It has been a real blessing!


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