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The Crystal Child ~ The Hobbit

Posted by csy11 on November 3, 2014 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)
While in session with a young Crystal Child, I received a clear intuitive hit about a characteristic she not only needs to acquire in this life, but a symbolic parallel that has the propensity to help her understand her challenge.  This is why I am such an advocate of tying in pop culture to archetypes.  What better way to get a point across? If we speak the same language we are more likely to communicate.  Seems obvious, but had I used Odysseus as an example, I believe it likely, given her age, she would have not understood.

In order to understand, let's take a look at Tolkien's fantastical little people known as hobbits.  Hobbits have a deep love of the simple things in life, such as delicious food, a pint of ale, and what they refer to as pipe weed.  (We actually don't know exactly what that is, but we'll assume it's legal!)  Above all else Tolkien tells us that they love peace.  Hobbits, however, are not at all fond of anything remotely resembling adventure.  In fact, they look down upon it.  What they are really saying is that adventure breeds change and no one really likes change.  Hobbits as well as humans prefer the status quo.  It is easier.

After much nudging from Gandalf the Gray, the wandering wizard, and our hobbit, Bilbo Baggins goes on an adventure with Gandalf and a dozen dwarves.  Thorin Oakenshield, the would-be king of dwarfdom, has taken dislike to our hobbit as he initially sees him as lacking.  Although Thorin is a warrior, Bilbo is out of his element when it comes to wielding a sword, however, Bilbo has many other traits that outshine Thorin and Company.  For one, he is quick-witted, and in fact, comes to the dwarves rescue numerous times.  Not bad for a sheltered hobbit!  However, this is not easy for Bilbo as he prefers his books and his cozy hobbit-hole. 

This is not the first time we have seen a hobbit on film struggle with something outside of his element.  Pippin from The Lord of the Rings is also stretched far beyond that which he is familiar. Courage is defined as:  the ability to do something that frightens (Google).  Both hobbits will have opportunity time and time again to develop that courage.

I find that it is a common thread for many Crystals to grapple with courage.  It is uncomfortable but attainable.  Keep in mind, you can pray for courage but you will not be imbibed with it but instead, given the ability to earn courage.  

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Below is a clip where Bilbo nearly tells Gandalf what he found in the cave, only he tells him something else.  

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 The Hobbit:  The Battle of Five Armies opens on December 17, 2014.  It is the final of three installments.  For you Tolkien lovers, this film is actually a hybrid of both The Hobbit and The Silmarillion. I suspect the director, Peter Jackson, was under a certain amount of pressure to create something as spectacular as his interpretation of The Lord of the Rings which sweeped the Academy Awards a decade ago.

(Did you know that J.R.R. Tolkien is the most read author of the 20th century next to The Bible?) 

Harry Potter and the Evans' Girls

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As the Harry Potter films recently aired once again on television, I am reminded of a parallel that is so profound, I must share.


If you have ever read the books or viewed one of the films, it becomes abundantly clear that Petunia (Evans) Dursley (pictured left as a child) has a strong dislike for her wizarding sister, Lily (Evans) Potter (pictured right). Lily is muggle born yet is an extremely talented wizard. By virtue of the fact she in born into a muggle family, her sister Petunia, who displays no wizarding talent whatsoever is deeply jealous of her sister and eventually this jealousy turns into utter disdain for Lily. It is of no consequence that Lily is both kind and gentle.


In the first film, The Sorcercer's Stone, we feel the adult Petunia's distaste for not only Lily but for her nephew, Harry, who is left in her care after Lily's murder. Anything wizard is repelling to Petunia, yet we never commiserate with Petunia.


Later, in The Deathly Hallows, we are provided more information by J.K. Rowling as we view a flashback of the girls as children. How quickly it becomes apparent that Lily is "different" well before she is recruited by Hogwarts. Severus Snape, childhood friend of Lily and the anti-hero of the story, refers to Lily as "special" and to Petunia as "ordinary" and yet Lily immediately comes to her sister's defense telling Severus that "that isn't very nice." No matter as Lily, James, and Harry will be blatantly rejected by her muggle family.


Why the post?


Consciousness workers, specifically Lightworkers, will likely experience the same treatment on some level. Especially if you have come out of the spiritual/psychic closet, expect nothing of your muggle family as it is likely that is what you will receive. As Caroline Myss says and I paraphrase, "The tribe will never support the one who outruns them."


Support can be limiting and if you expect support or applause from the muggle tribe, you will be sorely disappointed. In fact, it is likely they are under contract to disappoint. This is one way the Lightworker develops backbone and a thick skin.


Hang in there! Feel bad and get it over with. The journey is meant to be lonely, and keep in mind, consciousness is hard work. Pray for the grace and equanimity to get you through.


With Empathy,




My name is Cindy Yoakum, I am a medical intuitve and healer here to serve human and animal kind at the turn of the tide. I am an empath and clairvoyant and use my abilities to tap into information provided by the Divine for medical, career, life path, and relationship issues. I work with spiritually gifted children and adults, and teach many classes. In addition, I cross a host of beings into the Light on a regular basis. You can see me on Fox 8, New Day Cleveland for dream interpretation in action - check out my You Tube Videos and Follow.



The Indigo Child ~ Harry Potter Series

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picture courtesy of:  Warner Bros

One of my favorite topics is the Indigo Child.  I have both spoken and blogged about the topic many times and the most frequent question I receive is in regards to the difference between the Indigo and the Crystal Child.  This entries' purpose is to further define the Indigo using the actions that define the Indigo via pop culture.  

Harry Potter is the quintessential Indigo.  As is typical, the Indigo's life is a difficult one.  Do not envy the Indigo!  Harry is no more than a year old and both his parents are brutally murdered while he narrowly escapes death himself. (Harry has wizarding parents.  This too is a prerequisite for the Indigo as the Indigo always has Lightworker parents.)  He is then raised by an abusive Muggle aunt and uncle who have no issue with locking him in a closet, withholding food from him as a means of punishment, and lying to him about his parents' deaths.  Upon reaching the age of eleven, Harry is granted admission to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he learns he has magical gifts.  (Magic is the symbolic equivalent to psychic gifts.)  Life becomes more bearable as he now thrives in his new environment, but just like in the Muggle world, the wizarding world has both good and unsavory wizards.  

Repetitious themes are seen throughout his career at Hogwarts.  Even though he is from Gryffindor House and bravery is the common denominator for the Gryffindor, Harry's bravery is tested time and time again.  (Indigo Children are known for their bravery.) Each year, a new evil lurks around the corner, and it is up to Harry to save the day.  (It is also arguable that Harry has the savior archetype too, but that is for another entry.)  Most of Harry's major challenges are magical, but many are not.  This is what I would like to explore further as these non-magical challenges can be just as difficult and you will be more likely to relate to them.

The most memorable main stream issue Harry deals with, beyond that of abusive guardians and some bullies at school, is the issue of Dolores Umbridge.  After the beloved Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, is suspiciously ousted, Umbridge becomes Headmaster.  Not only does she wield authority for political gain, but uses unorthodox methods of obtain "order."  Harry, always drawn towards integrity (just like an Indigo) challenges Umbridge.  How so?  He speaks the truth.  This does not sit well with her so she sees fit to punish that which stands in her way.  Umbridge uses humiliation, corporal punishment (even torture), intimidation, and fires several professors to get her point across.  The truth is so important to an Indigo that they will put themselves in harm's way in order to sanctify the truth.  This is where the bravery comes into play as there will always be consequences!  There must be a fear factor in order for there to be bravery.  Harry's resolve for the truth remains well after he is punished.  In fact, Harry becomes the leader of Dumbledore's Army which over the course of time becomes crucial to the crusade against the evil Lord Voldemort.  Umbridge, of course, suspects the insurgence is meant to harm her authority when in fact it is not.  Harry's purpose is to arm the willing students with necessary magical spells to help save lives. Their purpose is never to question authority for the sake of questioning but for the purpose of the highest good.  

Many may want to call themselves an Indigo because in the movies the Indigo is often the hero.  (Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games.)  However, in real life situations, are you willing to step up?  The Indigo, sometimes without thinking of the repercussions, will step up purely for the sake of integrity.  They ARE brave. 

Additionally, the Indigo is rebellious when warranted.  Harry forms Dumbledore's Army, in secret, going against Umbridge's stern proclamations.  Punishment is not a mere detention, either.  Writing lines on a piece of parchment with a magical quill is not what it seems.  In order to make sure her message sinks in, Harry must write "I will not tell lies" but the lines do not appear on paper but instead, carved in the dermis of the top of his hands, scarring him for life. Biting his upper lip, he remains determined, and copes with the pain.  His detentions repeat numerous times.  He is not deterred and like any Indigo, he carries on with his mission.  Therefore coping skills is a trait that the Indigo develops over the course of his life.  

It is important to keep in mind that an Indigo does not cause rebellion for the sake of making trouble or to be difficult.  There must be a principle at risk - one worth fighting for.  Harry's main concern with Umbridge's rule is twofold.  First, she insists that Harry is lying about the return of Lord Voldemort.  Voldemort is not only the murderer of Harry's parents but is the single largest threat to the wizarding world.  He sees fit to warn his peers about the foreboding threat but she quells him at each opportunity.  Second, Harry knows it is essential to prepare his fellow students with magical charms, blocking spells, and defensive arts, but Umbridge insists no threat is lurking.  The Indigo's reasons for rebellion are always pure.  

By default, Indigos are leaders and must be in order to inspire rebellion.  Keep in mind, one does not need to spark a war; it can be as simple as questioning "authority."  It is all about the principle at stake.

Just as Harry never intends his leadership to expand beyond that of teaching the other students how to defend themselves, Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games also never intends to start a rebellion.  Others' see qualities in the Indigo that not only do they perceive as admirable but that they themselves lack.  It takes guts to speak up for what is right.  

Overall, the Indigo has a mission that is very different from the Crystal Child.  The Indigo is here to upset the apple cart where they are called.  Wherever systems are failing, the Indigo is called to question integrity.    What kinds of systems?  Anything...medical, insurance, schools, courts, government agencies, pharmaceuticals, military, oil is unlimited where we need an overhaul.

They are the next generation of leaders. It is comforting to know humanity will be in good hands. 

The Lightworker

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It is probably no surprise, according to the last few blogs, to find out that Mrs. Everdeen is, in fact, a Lightworker!


Overall, the categories of consciousness worker as of 2012, are: the Lightworker, the Indigo Child, and the Crystal Child. These humans agreed, before their incarnation, to serve humanity and the planet in a much needed higher vibration. Briefly, we have covered both the Indigo and the Crystal, but essential to the missions of these "children" are the parents or grandparents, better known as the Lightworker.


How do you recognize a Lightworker?


  *born either around the time of WWII OR during the 1960's

  *very normal to have a difficult life, but not necessarily self inflicted, meaning not having made bad decisions in the current life

  *ALWAYS born to those who are asleep, making the Lightworkers' life even more challenging

  *embody a feeling of knowing they are different but cannot quite figure out how or why

  *born asleep, but awaken at some point during life

  *contracted to bear the Indigo and/or Crystal Children - crucial to the younger generations' missions

  *agreed to clear ALL karma in the current life from past lifetimes, making life difficult

  *cannot understand why others do not "get it"

  *first generation of conscious beings sent since the Ascended Masters

  *strong sixth sense, telepathic, and may have numerous abilities, including fantastic character reads of others

  *often scarred

  *may embody the healer archetype, but NOT a given. Some Lightworkers are not healers.

  *examples: Ann Frank, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Eleanore Roosevelt

  *tend to be brave, courageous, and deplore social injustice

  *find life on earth to be dense and heavy

  *if clear all karma in this life, likely will not have to come back to Earth School - that is a comforting thought

  *you either no longer recognize your life or are in the process of huge transformation

I love how the Hunger Games brought these beings together. Notice how Mrs. Everdeen is a healer - not a term we hear very often in our modern, scientific times. She is deeply scarred, suffers, yet finds the strength to continue to serve others.


The Mission of the Lightworker: to serve as a catalyst in the awakening of humanity.


My name is Cindy Yoakum - I am a Lightworker with both an Indigo and a Crystal for children. In my practice as an intuive and healer, I see many highly evolved children and enjoy working with them and their Lightworker parents.

 The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0


The Crystal Child

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What does Primrose Everdeen (Hunger Games) have to do with the Crystal Children? She IS the quintessential crystal child.


Crystal children are part of the three-fold team, which I refer to as the consciousness workers. The crystals are here to bring peace and love to the planet after the Indigo Children shake things up, bringing integrity back into the world. The main goal is to embrace unity consciousness rather than the duality consciousness that has plagued the world.


How can you recognize and Crystal?


*there was a huge influx that incarnated during the 1990s but many were also born after the millennium

*they are highly evolved beings

*they have a strongly developed sixth sense, are telepathic, are highly sensitive

*Crystals use both sides of their brains with ease, but may prefer the right side as they tend to be creative whether it is music or art

*they have an angelic demeanor

*Crystals are the Lover Archetype

*never ever does a Crystal say or do anything to harm another, including gossip

*they are lovers of all - animal, plant, and human

*they are amazing character reads, but will not necessarily air their thoughts

*often they have issues with food intolerances, noise, offensive smells, and crowds

*Crystals are the peacemakers of the classroom

The children are born ONLY to the Lightworker or an Indigo parent - they are never born to the unawakened.


Although the first book of the Hunger Games series does not show the full potential of Prim, her Crystal becomes more apparent during Catching Fire and Mockingjay as the healer archetype and true Lover archetype become readily apparent. You may also notice her sweet and angelic demeanor - very opposite of her Indigo sister, Katniss.


My name is Cindy Yoakum - I am a Lightworker with both an Indigo and a Crystal for children. In my practice as an intuive and healer, I see many highly evolved children and enjoy working with them.


Next blog will be on Lightworkers. The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0


The Indigo Child

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Just the other day, I had a revelation regarding the Indigo Children, and one should never ignore a Divine Download! After having reread the Hunger Games series that my daughter insisted upon, I realized that the lead character, Katniss Everdeen is in fact an Indigo Child!


Now, you may ask yourself, "What is an Indigo Child?" Indigo's are a part of the team that make up the consciousness workers - the Lightworker, the Indigo, and the Crystal children and the purpose of this team is to help planet Earth move from duality consciousness to unity consciousness.


Here are some characteristics of the Indigo that you may recognize:


*most are currently in their 20's or 30's, but there are occasional Indigos who are older and we would refer to as "scouts"; there are also younger Indigos.

*Indigos have a well developed sixth sense, are telepathic, have psychic abilities

*they value integrity over all other characteristics - they can smell a lie like a shark smells blood

*they EASILY use both sides of their brain - they are both the left side (science, math, logic) and the right (art, music, intuition)

*Indigos know technology like the back of their hands. Just ask an Indigo about any device and your good to go

*they have strong coping abilities and at some time in their life, will have to cope with something large and unpleasant as this builds great character, strength, and endurance

*just like Katniss Everdeen, they have the warrior archetype - truly the fighter

*they tend to be quite blatant with their words as their filters could use a bit of work

*adults, teachers, and elders do not automatically qualify for respect - the Indigo expects respect to be earned. (Just because their body is older does NOT mean the elder is wiser and the Indigo knows this.)

*Indigos also must trust someone - so, you have to earn it!

*MISSION: To overturn the systems that are no longer serving humanity and the planet! This is a big undertaking, but the Indigos have the characterists they need to get us back into integrity.

My name is Cindy Yoakum; I am a Lightworker with both an Indigo and a Crystal for a daughter. In addition, I work with the gifted, young Indigos and Crystals. It is my absolute pleasure to work with these amazing, evolved beings!


More to come, next time, on the Crystal Children. The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0

Symptoms of a Higher Consciousness

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As we proceed through the Year 2012, many of you may be experiencing symptoms of a changing consciousness, and perhaps many have been experiencing symptoms for years. Another term for a changing or elevated consciousness is sometimes referred to as ascension symptoms.


A changing consciousness is necessary in order to match the vibration of the earth's changing consciousness - think of it as resonating. A good example of a lack of resonation is when stopped at a light and a car pulls up next to your car playing music that is so unappealing the only thought that enters your mind is that you cannot wait to get away from that music! Sound familiar? The earth's vibration works similarly where the higher the earth vibrates, the higher we need to vibrate. If you are analytical in nature, use the term frequency to grasp the notion.

This however, is not necessarily a pleasant experience. Unexplained symptoms may give the appearance of a hypochondriac or someone needing attention. Western medicine may find absolutely nothing wrong leaving the person feeling confused, lost, and perhaps desperate.

The first step of a raised vibration begins with the aura - the body around the physical body. A being's presence is much larger than the physical body. For instance, ever stand in an elevator with others and feel uncomfortable? This is because they are in your space - your auras are overlapping and depending on the other person, it can be an unpleasant ride, especially for you who are sensitive - back to that resonation idea.

There are several layers of aura, and without getting in too deep into the concept, know that some layers of aura are closer to the body than others, but one layer in particular may extend for miles and miles beyond the physical. This is one reason why we affect each other, why we affect the earth, and the earth affects us. This notion also extends to animals and plants.

The aura "feels" the vibration change first, especially because the emotional body lies outside of the physical body. The physical body then alters, including the alteration of the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain. This can cause a host of issues - nausea, dizziness, spaciness, loss of appetite, and increase in appetite to name just a few.

Other symptoms may include ringing in the ears, buzzing in the body, especially in the limbs such as the hands and feet, pressure changes in the head and near the ears. These experiences may feel surreal. Be careful not to confuse ringing in the ears with tinnitus or Miniere's disease - a doctor should be able to diagnose a true issue. The ringing I am referring to lasts typically less than 10 seconds, is a very high pitch in one ear, and does not keep one up at night. The ringing is subtle. To this day, I receive ringing in my ears but after years of adjusting, the ringing is more of a Divine download - information I need. (Keep in mind, the Divine's vibration is far higher than ours - our bodies are dense and heavy - and unless trained, we are not very good at seeing, hearing, or feeling Divinity, therefore the high pitch.)

Let me give an example, and this example is the best I have, but keep in mind it is NOT a statement or a endorsement for Christianity. This, I am borrowing from Carolyn Myss, the pioneer extraordinaire of medical intuition. In the New Testament, there is a story about Saul - the very man who made it his goal in life to persecute the followers of Christ, including his disciples and Jesus himself. Little did Saul know that Divinity scheduled his transformation - his life was about to change and drastically. Saul while traveling from Jerusalem to Damascus, on a mission of persecution, runs into the resurrected Jesus. Jesus' light body was so brilliant, as his vibration was incredibly high, that his Light blinded Saul for three days! Saul, due to the Light, became transformed to such a high degree that he was no longer Saul but Paul - a name change was actually in order. Paul then changed his tune and became St. Paul working with those he previously persecuted.

This is a beautiful example of the wonderment of the Light and how resonation, vibration, and frequency are tied with that of our paths, our missions, our priorities, etc.

Those of you who are experiencing symptoms may not experience blindness for three days - thank God - but experience something palpable. You are not crazy but in good company.

Let me give another example from my own experience. Because I have one foot in this dense earthplane and the other foot in another dimension, I have experienced great issues with my physical eyes, and yet there is absolutely nothing wrong with my eyes. Why is this? I use my third-eye so frequently, and trust my third-eye to such a high degree that my physical eyes often take a back seat. I feel as if a layer covers my eyes, feel a pressure in my head, and can barely focus only it isn't focus. I know intuitively it will pass, but nonetheless, it is unpleasant.

Another side effect of a vibration change is issues with relationships, family, and friends. You may find that you absolutely can no longer tolerate being near someone you were once close to because your vibrations are so different. This can be a real problem! What if your married to that person? You may be guided to avoid or remove someone from your life either in the short-term or even possibly permanently. How do you explain that one?

Ascension is not an easy task! Once you become present to a calling or service to the Divine, your life WILL change. Do not make the mistake of thinking you know what is best because you likely do not remember your blueprint - the reason why you are here on planet earth in this body at this time.

Pray for assistance with the process - ask that your vibration change be made in a gentle manner. Ask for clarity and wisdom.

This article just tips the iceberg when it comes to vibrational change. Know that you are not alone and can navigate through what feels intimidating.

Yours in Service,

Cindy Yoakum

The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0




The Wise, Willing, Way-Shower

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There once was a beautiful copper haired girl who was deeply compassionate, kind, and sweet. Under any circumstances, she refused to say a bad word about anyone, and she especially disliked gossip as she knew it could only harm. Over time, her heart became heavy as her friends and classmates seemed to thrive on the "latest" about this and that. Rather than join in, she chose to stay silent, but the classmates did not like this, especially her best friend who coined herself "The Queen of Gossip" and relished in the rush of her newly found power. The copper haired girl was left out of all those activities that are so wonderful at a young age and soon her sadness hung like a dark cloud. The girl stopped laughing, stopped smiling, stayed in her room for hours at a time, and soon became silent. The Queen of Gossip after many, many years of friendship chose a new best friend, replacing the copper haired girl in all matters tween. The copper haired girl was very much alone.


The tween dreamt that she was a giant living in The Shire, the homeland of Hobbits, and did not fit it with the hobbits who averaged 3'6" in height (J.R.R. Tolkien). After all, the copper haired girl was a giant.


One day, the copper haired girl came home from school after a particularly grueling day, and after crying a sea of tears, the mother said, "I need to know. Is school unbearable?" The girl nodded her head, as if to say "yes", buried her head in her mother's shoulder and sobbed.


It became obvious something needed to be done, but what?


The parents weighed the options but did not want to decide something so enormous without clarity.


That night, the father received a dream, fulfilling the parent's request for clarity.


John is sitting in the backseat of a car where his father, Michael, is driving. They drive past a carnival and then to a Catholic church where an Italian restaurant is connected. John said, "The parishioners probably go to the Italian restaurant after Mass - what a good idea." In the next scene, the copper haired girl is dancing with her grandmother to the 1970's song, Goodbye Stranger, by Supertramp. The copper haired girl is VERY happy.


The symbols used in the dream had specific meaning for the family. The lyrics to the song (found below) were key to the decision making process. It was clear the copper haired girl was supposed to say "goodbye."


The dream also answered the question about where the copper haired girl belonged.


Michael was a reference to one of the schools the family had considered, Saint Michael's School. In addition, the reference to the carnival, the Catholic church, and the Italian restaurant were all symbols of a fundraiser held every year at the school that the copper haired girl's sister attended. This was the very same school the copper haired girl hoped to attend when she was in high school.


The path was obvious. St. Michael's School was the place where the wise, willing, copper haired way-shower would dance! The copper haired girl was the deciding factor - it was always up to her whether or not to change schools.


By the way, the copper haired girl now smiles and dances with her new friends from school.  She is what is called a Crystal Child.  (Other posts are available on this topic.  Just search.)


Note: This blog is not about religion, politics, or preference. It is about following dreams as a means of guidance.

The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0

Here are the lyrics to that song:





It was an early morning yesterday

I was up before the dawn

And I really have enjoyed my stay

But I must be moving on


Like a king without a castle

Like a queen without a throne

I'm an early morning lover

And I must be moving on


Now I believe in what you say

Is the undisputed truth

But I have to have things my own way

To keep me in my youth


Like a ship without an anchor

Like a slave without a chain

Just the thought of those sweet ladies

Sends a shiver through my veins


And I will go on shining

Shining like brand new

I'll never look behind me

My troubles will be few


Goodbye stranger it's been nice

Hope you find your paradise

Tried to see your point of view

Hope your dreams will all come true

Goodbye Mary, Goodbye Jane

Will we ever meet again

Feel no sorrow, feel no shame

Come tomorrow, feel no pain


Now some they do and some they don't

And some you just can't tell

And some they will and some they won't

With some it's just as well


You can laugh at my behavior

That'll never bother me

Say the devil is my savior

But I don't pay no heed


And I will go on shining

Shining like brand new

I'll never look behind me

My troubles will be few

Goodbye stranger it's been nice etc...


Goodbye Stranger lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group