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Just the other day, a client (I'll call her Anne), arrived for a session. She had just lost her beloved dog two weeks earlier. Tragically, she had to put him to sleep as it was the most humane choice. Anne was grief stricken--her pup was her baby--part of the family. It seemed so unfair. At the heart of it all, the question arises...why? Usually those tough questions don't get answered.

Here's where the synchronicity comes into play.  I had to put my little sweetheart to sleep, too. The very same day! Anne knew she needed to see me; there was a sense of urgency. However, I had not revealed my loss to anyone but family. My point? Anne didn't know our "coincidence" until she arrived.

Isn't that amazing how the Universe arranged that synchronicity? It was no accident.

I remember when we bought my girl from a breeder. We were supposed to get a puppy, but the dog had lost her litter. The breeder asked, "Would you like instead, the mother? Her name is Monet."

"Monet--her name is Monet?" Goosebumps arose on my arms. Physical signs never lie. My favorite artist of all time! Claude Monet is all over my office. I literally cannot get enough of his work. He moves my soul. Little did I know at the time, but the little Bichon Frise known as Monet would move me, too. She was more human than canine. I'd lasso the moon for her.

I'm sure you can relate to other instances in your life... Running into that person you miss...the phone ringing when you needed to hear from opportunity when all seemed offer for assistance when you felt as if no one cared...a smile from a stranger that warmed your heart.

Those are the kinds of wonderful synchronicities we could never plan even if we tried.

RIP Monet.

The Divine Download

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A week or so ago, I was channel surfing and happened upon an episode of Ancient Aliens on the H2 cable channel entitled "The Genius Factor".  To my delight, the entire episode was dedicated to the very notion I have been speaking about for years! Actually, it is two ideas that are basically first cousins if not siblings.  First is the idea that problem solving and creative concepts are born from our dreams while we sleep. Second, is the closely related belief that these same tools may be accessed from meditation.  Thank you H2!

Which geniuses use this technique?  Likely many more than we can identify.  Besides Albert Einstein, which I have written about on numerous occasions, how about the brilliance of Nikola Tesla?  Much has been written about Tesla, but most recently H2 did an episode called, "The Tesla Experiment."

How do geniuses get their ideas?

Normal awakened thought patterns are considered beta brain waves.  This is the brain waves we normally experience when we are fully awake and going about our day.  Beta is necessary for tapping into logic and reasoning.  It is how most people go about problem solving.  

However, it is essential to change the pattern of brainwaves in order to tap into the consciousness of the Universe. Brain waves such as alpha, theta, and delta are the waves that are desirable for the resonance required for a Divine download. Moving from one wave to the next is not a matter of effort so much as it is a matter of being.

The best way I can describe what it feels like to be in alpha is to "zone out."  Most can get into alpha by simply staring at a point on the floor or a wall.  It is the perfect state of "day dreaming."  Creative ideas come much easier this way.  My artist daughter uses this technique when she is creating.  Intuitive hits come while in this state or even deeper.  

Theta waves are a deeper state.  It is what I refer to as a grounded or meditative state.  This state may require a solid teacher, practice, and patience.  Theta waves are doubtlessly the state that Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs used to obtain remarkable ideas.  In fact, Jobs credited his meditative practices to his success.

My medical intuitive and healing sessions are conducted while in theta.  I cannot speak enough about the wondrous events that can occur while in this state. Truly it cannot be underestimated.  

Delta waves are obtained while in the sleep state.  While in delta, we dream and receive valuable information for a gamut of reasons.  Dreams have the propensity to solve countless issues and may also procure countless ideas.  Srinivasa Ramanujan, and Indian mathematical genius from the mid 1800's, received mathematical theories while sleeping.  Amazingly, he had no formalized training in mathematics and flunked out of college twice!  Ramanujan's theory regarding black holes has been proven one hundred years later.  

These are just a few but powerful testaments to the benefits of tapping into information that is readily available to us all.  You don't have to be a genius! 

Numerology - Life Path #4

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As a general review, this blog is in reference to the art of numerology. Life Path number is determined based upon birth date. See my earlier blog, "Numerology - Life Path Number," for how to calculate the Life Path number which may be used to gain valuable perspective on oneself.


The Life Path Number 4 is all about hard work, seriousness, practicality, straightforwardness, conventionality, and order.  You can count on the 4 to get the job done and done well.  They are also known for great discipline, timeliness, and thorough planning.  The 4 however, does not necessarily move fast as they are methodical.  Life to the 4 is all about common sense.  The 4 commands respect and expects to be both valued and honored as they feel it is only fair for all that hard work and planning to be acknowledged.


On the shadow side, 4s can be rigid as you expect the systems you have put into place to be upheld.  The 4 may have difficulty thinking outside of the box so rigidity may be a challenge.  The 4 will want to work toward flexibility and compromise since you will not want to be perceived as stubborn.


Career Paths include: accounting, taxes, construction, athletes, system management, and engineers.


Famous Life Path 4s include:  Bill Gates and Leonardo Da Vinci.


This blog topic is meant to spark an interest in the subject and assist where you may struggle. There are many solid websites and books available on the subject.


Numerology - Life Path #3

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As a general review, this blog is in reference to the art of numerology. Life Path number is determined based upon birth date. See my earlier blog, "Numerology - Life Path Number," for how to calculate the Life Path number which may be used to gain valuable perspective on oneself.

The Life Path Number 3 usually has a vibrancy attached.  3s tend to have the potential to be extremely creative, emotional, imaginative, optimistic and even flirtatious.  You have a zest for living and many will see you as a ray of sunshine.  The number 3 is considered lucky so you often find yourself in exactly the right place at the right time.  You can also be shrewd and a hard worker.  3s are highly local.  When you are at your best, you are inspirational, artistic, and child-like.  Lightheartedness is such a blessing.  Learn to speak your truth from the heart.  Once this is mastered, you will inspire others, but not until then.

On the shadow side, you can be prone to gossip, critical, and even self-deprecating.  3s are often not good with money because they are often more concerned about having fun in the "now" and may have difficulty planning for the future.  If a 3 is emotionally hurt, they will make sharp comments.  If you cannot move past this, you will become the person that people avoid.  It is important for a 3 to be in a career where they can express themselves otherwise they may become stuck in their shadow.  

Career Paths include: coaching, public relations, writing, designing, performing, and even radio.

Famous Life Path 3s include: Alfred Hitchcock, Shania Twain, Charles Dickens, and Rihanna.

This blog topic is meant to spark an interest in the subject and assist where you may struggle. There are many solid websites and books available on the subject.

Numerology - Life Path #2

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Life Path #2


As a general review, this blog is in reference to the art of numerology. Life Path number is determined based upon birth date. See my earlier blog, "Numerology - Life Path Number," for how to calculate the Life Path number which may be used to gain valuable perspective on oneself.


The Life Path Number 2 is about peacekeeping, compromise, and harmony.  The number 2 understands cooperation and the need for patience.  Generally, a 2 will stop at nothing to keep the peace.  You are a perfect partner, friend, confidant, and employee.  Your ultimate goal is to bring people together via diplomacy.  You are persuasive and have the gift of gab to get your visionary point across.  You may have been the one to coin the phrase, "There is no "I" in the word "team."  In addition, you are likely very tactful.  Companionship is very important to the 2.


On the shadow side, you are highly sensitive which can cause much heartache.  You tend to take things personally and strive for peace often to the point of self-sacrifice.  Don't allow yourself to be someone else's lackey.  Your feelings count too.  Sometimes you have a tendency to become apathetic or even lazy.  Be careful not to always be on the fence because you are afraid of making waves.  If you have fallen into shadow, you will have a tendancy toward paranoia.  


Career Paths include: mediation, politics, any supportive role, and counseling.  


Famous Life Path 2s include: Bill Clinton, Madonna, Barack Obama, and Julie Andrews.


This blog topic is meant to spark an interest in the subject and assist where you may struggle. There are many solid websites and books available on the subject.


Numerology - Life Path #1

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Life Path #1

As a general review, this blog is in reference to the art of numerology.  Life Path number is determined based upon birth date.  See my earlier blog, "Numerology - Life Path Number," for how to calculate the Life Path number which may be used to gain valuable perspective on oneself.  

The Life Path Number 1 is all about the road to independence and becoming a strong individual. You tend to love obstacles and even thrive on it since the 1 is very strong both mentally and physically. You have original ideas, too and tend to be highly creative. Once you've mastered independence, you then move on to leadership. People that tend to jump from job to job may be a 1 since they are meant to lead rather than follow, so consider the structure you find yourself in. Perhaps owning your own business is much more viable than reporting for work in a traditional sense.  You are courageous and a real pioneer.  Self-motivation is a given for you.  

On the shadow side, you may find it difficult to tolerate others who are not as driven as you and may deem them lazy.  You may have difficulty asking for help even though at times it may be necessary.  You also may be critical, so try to consider the feelings of others.  Overall, a 1 may be egotistical and self-centered.  Watch for these negative traits.

Career Paths include: political and military leadership roles, inventor, entertainment industry, business owner especially with anything creative, and any leadership role that requires quick thinking.  Many are actors and musicians, too.

Famous Life Path 1s include:  Tom Hanks, Maria Shriver, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jim Morrison.

Be sure you do not have a Life Path number of 10 or 19 and erroneously reduced it to a 1.  

This blog topic is meant to spark an interest in the subject and assist where you may struggle. There are many solid websites and books available on the subject.



Numerology-Life Path Number

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Numerology is the study of the symbolic representation of numbers in life, thus shedding light on life's purpose for a particular incarnation.  This is a broad definition as there are many numbers that may be calculated. It is similar to astrology in that there are no absolutes but generalities.  I find that the symbology is usually spot-on! Pythagoras is usually considered the father of numerology and math is also said to be the common language of the Universe.  Even Hermione Granger, the practical, brilliant wizard of her generation (Harry Potter), uses arithmancy.  However, it is not about magic, but about vibration. Let's take a look.

The life path number is generally considered to be the most important number in the numerology profile.  It is the number that tells of the road to go down for that particular vibration.  It speaks to our inborn strengths, weaknesses, areas where we can thrive, and areas where we may be challenged.  It even offers areas of suggestion for career path and vocation - a real plus for anyone struggling with their life path or a person entering college.  Even if life is going well, it is still recommended to take a look.  After all, life is not designed to be perfect, so if you are not challenged now, you may be in the future.

The life path number is calculated based purely on birth date.  Here is the formula:  birth month +  birth date + birth year = life path number.  However, there are specifics you need to know in order to be accurate.

Let's assume a birthday of December 29, 1941.
  • Take the birth month number and reduce it to a single digit.  For instance, April is 4, but December is 12, and should be reduced to 3 since 1 + 2 = 3.  
  • Take the birth day number and reduce it to a single digit.  For example, if your birth date is 29, add 2 + 9 = 11.  Then, 1+1 = 2.
  • Add the birth year numbers together and also reduce to a single digit.  So, a birth year of 1941 would be:  1+9+4+1=15, and then further reduce to 1+5 which equals 6.  
  • Add each of those single digits together, so in this example, 3+2+6=11.  Normally, this double digit number would be reduced to a single digit so we have a 1 - 9 Life Path.  However, there are exceptions to the rule.
Interesting!  In this example, we have happened upon a Master Number.  ( I chose this birthday at random.) The following double digit Master numbers should not be reduced: 11, 22, and 33.  In addition, the following Karmic numbers should not be reduced:  10, 13,14,16, and 19 for purposes of the Life Path Number.  Most people will likely score in the single digits of 1 - 9.  

What if your birth certificate has an incorrect date of birth?  I have found this is a subject of controversy amongst numerologists.  Some say to use the actual date, no matter what, and others say use the date on the birth certificate as there is a reason it was recorded erroneously.  This actually happened to one of my daughters. The life path number we calculated using her actual date of birth did not resonate on any level!  The incorrect date of birth actually made much more sense.  I will suggest going with what resonates once the definition of the number is calculated.  After all, everything, even typos happen for a reason.

Next, we will explore the meaning of the Life Path Numbers.

Happy Pi Day!

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Today is a unique day in that not only is it π (Pi) Day (3.14159265) but 3/14/14. Pi is a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle's circumference to it's diameter. Remember from geometry? No matter, because Pi is considered to be sacred geometry and dates back, at least in recorded history, to Archimedes the Greek mathematician, to 250 AD. Archimedes is given credit for devising the first algorithm to calculate Pi. Arguably, π is far older than our Greek friend.


How so? Pi and Phi, for that matter, are considered part of the Golden Mean or what is also referred to as the Fibonacci Sequence. The brilliant Leonardo Da Vinci demonstrated his understanding of this via his drawing of Vitruvian Man pictured above. In simple terms, the human body in all it's perfection incorporates sacred geometry in regards to how we are proportioned. In addition, all that is natural, for instance, plant life, includes the Fibonacci Sequence. Who would have thought?


This is far beyond my expertise, but it is a phenomenal notion and may especially appeal to anyone wired for specifics like math lovers, architects, astronomers, engineers, and anyone studying sacred geometry and how it applies to the Universe. See this site for some fascinating facts: mean


A Conversation with Mary

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While deeply involved in making format changes to a large document, I often skimmed what I previously wrote as much of the document was now years old. I came across a conversation I had had with Mary, mother of Jesus, over three years ago. At that point in time, my daughter had her heart set on a prestigious and very expensive high school that I had no way of paying for, yet we were both intuitivively drawn to it, regardless of the cost. Mary so happens to be the patron saint of the school so communicating with her held a great deal of importance. I had asked Mary for not only assistance with the situation but if there was a "how." Mary told me only what I needed to know, that "A way would be made."


At the last minute, after the first tuition payment was due, but a few weeks before freshman year started, we received a letter from the school that my daughter had a full endowment! She was meant to be at that fabulous school. She's now a senior and has thrived beyond all words thanks to Mary.


Getting back to present time...


As I think is typical with life in general, and particularly that of a healers' life, I noticed my path changing yet again over the past summer and did not necessarily like it. Working hard on the document was my least favorite thing to do and this is an understatement. After glimpsing and recalling about Mary, I thought perhaps it was time to have another chat. I did not normally go around speaking to individual Divine beings but usually communicated to Divinity as a whole. As this thought passed through my head, I noticed one of my many plants in my office. This particular plant was low maintenance and perfect no matter what I did. In fact, it never lost a single leaf. As I'm looking at the plant, one of it's branches moves and a large leaf falls off. I knew a sign when I saw it and preferred not to get hit in the head with a 2" x 4". Interestingly, the plant is directly underneath a picture of Mary. Time to chat.


As I was already grounded, Mary appeared instantaneously. She had been waiting for me but was most patient even though I was sloth-like at times. I asked, "What is going on? I can't make sense of anything." (No need to give a frame of reference as she knew.) Mary responded, "You asked for incentive to finish the document." Oh...pause..."I did." (Note to self: Be careful what you ask for.) My schedule had been cleared by Divinity to work all day every day on said document. My plans had been changed yet AGAIN. I, of course, had preferred for incentive in the form of dreams or other signs, but we don't always get what we want. I then asked some specific questions which Mary graciously remainded silent as I was not supposed to know.


Less than 30 minutes later, my friend and colleague, Sarah Buck, who is in the same building, called and asked if I had a minute. She had been taking pictures of her front entrance for her website and had some unusual pictures. Sure enough, there was a stream of light that beamed down out of nowhere. She took numerous pictures but could not find the source of the light - there was no apparent reason. In addition, the ground area was flooded with beautiful purple light. I asked Sarah, "When did you take this picture?" She said, "Within the last half hour." I said, "I think I know who this is!"


Nothing is coincidence.


Sarah J. Buck is a fantastic healer and has had advanced training with Donna Eden. Her business is called Balancing Room and Sarah does just that - anything with the chakras, meridians, aura, and many other necessary balancing aspects. I have sent my own children to her, so I can tell you how good she is! Here is her link:


Our beautiful building is called Exeter Square and is located at: 16903 Fischer Road, Lakewood, OH 44107. It has been a real blessing!


Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

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Due diligence is a term familiar to anyone who is searching for something. It is about dotting all the "i"s and crossing the "t"s to make sure the best choice is made.

Unless your an impulsive buyer, we tend to shop for the right car, the right home, the right outfit, the right partner, and in this case, the right university. What continually amazes me is the fact that we usually know which one is right by mere gut instinct, yet we continue to shop, hence this post.

Right University has been imbedded in my daughter's spirit for some time. As an intuitive, I can confirm as I too feel the University as a match. However, her high school counselors have strongly encouraged due diligence for the student body. It makes perfect sense considering we live in a mind-oriented culture where logic rules all. And, by the way, it isn't meant to sound critical - ten years ago I would have used logic to dictate most of my choices. I get it.

However, this is how Divinity works...

Upon the visit to Right University, there was a symbolic chemical reaction on my daughter's part. She was in seventh heaven the minute she stepped onto the campus. Spirit guided this decision at least a year before we visited as she was drawn, like a magnet, to this magical place.

Since the magical visit, there is a certain obligation to continue on with the search, so we did. Only a handful of schools met my daughter's criteria as she knows exactly what she wants (or more likely exactly where Divinity wants her.)

Prior to our early morning departure to visit one of the schools, she had a dream.

She is in math class and the teacher has lost the attendance materials and the seating chart. Flustered, he places my daughter next to the clown.

In waking life, the math teacher literally attended the university we were visiting and was not necessarily enamored with his choice. The clown represented a theatrical role played by her friend and co-thespian.

As we drove and interpreted the dream, we realized there was a chance the University lost her registration for this event, but we contemplated whether this notion could be expanded into the application process. Interestingly, as we traveled, we saw a sign that referred to the city where Right University was located. Noted.

Sure enough, my daughter was not registered for the event, but it was not a deal breaker. As we sat in the large auditorium with a thousand others listening, we expected a presentation on the school, but instead found ourselves entertained by a comedian (the clown.) During the presentation, two more signs presented in that the comedian himself was from the same city as Right University AND one of the audience members was from the same suburb of the city we stayed in while visiting Right. I would guess that was one-in-a-million chance considering geography.

Meanwhile, the comedian's school had many ammenities but did not have the feel Right provided. Overall, the experience was positive in that it provided clarity for choice. It is just as important to know what you don't want.

On the way back to the car, the final sign sparkled on the back of the windshield of a car. For the first time since occupying the city where Right resided, the University was proudling displayed for all to see.

There could be no question.

Since we live in a Muggle world (Harry Potter reference), we followed through as was expected, but deep down, there was nothing like intuition.

And yes, if you are shopping for colleges, by all means, a campus visit is a necessity.

Do you have any SIGN stories to share? Send an email to: [email protected]

My name is Cindy Yoakum, I am a medical intuitve and healer here to serve human and animal kind at the turn of the tide. I am an empath and clairvoyant and use my abilities to tap into information provided by the Divine for medical, career, life path, and relationship issues. I work with spiritually gifted children and adults, and teach many classes. In addition, I cross a host of beings into the Light on a regular basis. You can see me on Fox 8, New Day Cleveland - check out my You Tube Videos and Follow.