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Of Bichons and Beings

Posted by csy11 on October 31, 2014 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Picture by:  Cindy Yoakum


This story is too cute to keep quiet!


Recently, after having worked an entire weekend and feeling quite tired, I went to bed early. Traditionally, my little Bichon follows me wherever I go, and if I go to bed, she does too.


Out of character, she was restless and could not find her spot that night, and in fact, preferred to sit on the landing, above the staircase, where all the bedroom doors are available. I heard my husband take her out twice and even feed her a snack, just in case, but still, she was not pleased and would not go to bed. Perhaps she was upset I was gone all weekend?


Later that night, I felt a disembodied being standing behind me. I realize this is enough to frighten anyone, however, that is normal for my house. At any given time, who knows how many occupants we have. Just in case I am not clear, I am referring to spirits or ghosts.


As I was far too tired to give her my time, especially while sleeping, I put the female being off. I simply cannot work 24 hours a day. Meanwhile, my Bichon refused to enter the bedroom.


The next morning, my oldest daughter tells me her story of that night. Apparently, our dog who was restless the entire night, entered her bedroom well after midnight, which only happens when I am not home. My daughter heard her door squeak, sits up in bed to see who is at her door and attempts to recover from pure shock. Floating directly above our Bichon was a young lady of about twenty in a nightgown. The apparition was as clear as day from the waist up, although transparent. She looked directly at my daughter, my daughter looks at her, and after a single blink of her eye, she is gone.


No wonder our Bichon couldn't sleep!


My daughter, too, put off the young spirit. She was too tired to cross her over.


I am happy to say, I crossed her over the next morning after I made clear I had a few things to do.


Once spirits have your attention, it is likely they just want a little help. My entire family, even the dog, is in service. Who would have thought?


My name is Cindy Yoakum, I am a medical intuitve and healer here to serve human and animal kind at the turn of the tide. I am an empath and clairvoyant and use my abilities to tap into information provided by the Divine for medical, career, life path, and relationship issues. I work with spiritually gifted children and adults, and teach many classes. In addition, I cross a host of beings into the Light on a regular basis. You can see me on Fox 8, New Day Cleveland for dream interpretation in action - check out my You Tube Videos and Follow.



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picture courtesy of from the film, Inception

Have you ever had a dream within a dream?  This is the premise of the film, Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  The film uses artificial means to infiltrate the subconscious minds of others in order to commit corporate espionage.  

Although the film is fiction, a dream within a dream is very real but somewhat rare.  As a healer who frequently crosses beings (ghosts) to the other side, I find that clients who have Inception-like dreams are on the receiving end of some sort of ghostly activity.  In other words, it is a sign, often one of many, that they have an earthbound spirit or ghost in their home.  

The client often experiences "dreams" that leave them feeling unsettled at best.  The dream may or may not be disturbing, but certainly they always report it is different than a typical dream.  The unsettled feeling is just enough to prompt them to tell me about it.  The dream may literally be about a disembodied visitor or may give the client the sense someone is communicating with them or watching them.  This is very different than a communication from a friend or loved one from the other side.  Dreams from the Light have a lighter more ethereal feel whereas "dreams" regarding ghosts have a heavier feel.  This is where you need to take action and get some assistance with the process of crossing beings over to the Light.

Not to worry!  Ghosts or spirits are a part of life and with someone like myself or another who is trained in this arena, a being can be crossed and your home will feel like more a home than a motel with unwanted guests.  I am able to cross beings over remotely - I do not need to be in the home or place of business.  

Why Me?

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Last night, it was time to chill-out a bit after a hectic day, so I turned on the television and decided on Long Island Medium, starring Theresa Caputo. (Yes, I do watch TV). Theresa, who is a medium and specializes in connecting with those whose bodies have died and have since gone into the Light, was questioning her role in this particular lifetime. In essence, why does she have this gift? I like how easily she roles with the punches and accepts her role as a medium. In order to help answer this question, "Why Me?" Theresa underwent a past life regression in hopes of answers and found them.


There is not a week that goes by when I am not discovering a client who embodies some type of sixth sense that they are either unaware of or have chosen to ignore for a variety of reasons. Sixth sense abilities cover a variety of senses, including clear seeing (clairvoyance), clear hearing (clairaudience), clairsentience (clear feeling aka empath), claircognizance (clear knowing), and smelling and tasting as well. Most are dominant in 1-2 areas, but abilities do develop over time.


It can be unpleasant to find oneself ultrasenstive! Imagine going through life feeling what other people feel - their energy, their emotions, whether they are truthful or not. Imagine what it is like to see things that others cannot see or hear voices that others cannot hear. Most sensitives keep this to themselves for fear of being labeled crazy.


There is a reason for the sensitivity. Prior to incarnation, the soul agreed to this set of circumstances usually for the ultimate purpose of helping/serving others. This is what Theresa discovered via her soul searching.


A life of service, whether it is human, animal or the planet, does not mean you have to quit your job or join a monastery. Perhaps the call to assist others is every now and again but is just as magnificent.


How does one manage a sixth sense? Like anything, a combination of knowledge and support is a good place to start. Developing your sixth sense is incredibly helpful. How?


  • Find credible teachers in your locale.
  • Use your intuition and dreams to determine if this teacher/mentor is a match for you.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Learn to ground into the earth as this is the means to clarity, peace, and accuracy.


A sixth sense can feel like a double-edged sword. It is bitter-sweet, no question. However, if you decide to lean more toward the sweet, you will find that it is an amazing feeling to help another out. There just needs to be a willingness.


No more deploring your gifts! Start embracing.


A Conversation with Mary

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picture courtesy of Sarah J. Buck ~ Balancing Room


While deeply involved in making format changes to a large document, I often skimmed what I previously wrote as much of the document was now years old. I came across a conversation I had had with Mary, mother of Jesus, over three years ago. At that point in time, my daughter had her heart set on a prestigious and very expensive high school that I had no way of paying for, yet we were both intuitivively drawn to it, regardless of the cost. Mary so happens to be the patron saint of the school so communicating with her held a great deal of importance. I had asked Mary for not only assistance with the situation but if there was a "how." Mary told me only what I needed to know, that "A way would be made."


At the last minute, after the first tuition payment was due, but a few weeks before freshman year started, we received a letter from the school that my daughter had a full endowment! She was meant to be at that fabulous school. She's now a senior and has thrived beyond all words thanks to Mary.


Getting back to present time...


As I think is typical with life in general, and particularly that of a healers' life, I noticed my path changing yet again over the past summer and did not necessarily like it. Working hard on the document was my least favorite thing to do and this is an understatement. After glimpsing and recalling about Mary, I thought perhaps it was time to have another chat. I did not normally go around speaking to individual Divine beings but usually communicated to Divinity as a whole. As this thought passed through my head, I noticed one of my many plants in my office. This particular plant was low maintenance and perfect no matter what I did. In fact, it never lost a single leaf. As I'm looking at the plant, one of it's branches moves and a large leaf falls off. I knew a sign when I saw it and preferred not to get hit in the head with a 2" x 4". Interestingly, the plant is directly underneath a picture of Mary. Time to chat.


As I was already grounded, Mary appeared instantaneously. She had been waiting for me but was most patient even though I was sloth-like at times. I asked, "What is going on? I can't make sense of anything." (No need to give a frame of reference as she knew.) Mary responded, "You asked for incentive to finish the document." Oh...pause..."I did." (Note to self: Be careful what you ask for.) My schedule had been cleared by Divinity to work all day every day on said document. My plans had been changed yet AGAIN. I, of course, had preferred for incentive in the form of dreams or other signs, but we don't always get what we want. I then asked some specific questions which Mary graciously remainded silent as I was not supposed to know.


Less than 30 minutes later, my friend and colleague, Sarah Buck, who is in the same building, called and asked if I had a minute. She had been taking pictures of her front entrance for her website and had some unusual pictures. Sure enough, there was a stream of light that beamed down out of nowhere. She took numerous pictures but could not find the source of the light - there was no apparent reason. In addition, the ground area was flooded with beautiful purple light. I asked Sarah, "When did you take this picture?" She said, "Within the last half hour." I said, "I think I know who this is!"


Nothing is coincidence.


Sarah J. Buck is a fantastic healer and has had advanced training with Donna Eden. Her business is called Balancing Room and Sarah does just that - anything with the chakras, meridians, aura, and many other necessary balancing aspects. I have sent my own children to her, so I can tell you how good she is! Here is her link:


Our beautiful building is called Exeter Square and is located at: 16903 Fischer Road, Lakewood, OH 44107. It has been a real blessing!


Sleepless in Cleveland

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My daughter, who normally sleeps quite well, started waking up in the wee hours of the morning unable to fall back asleep. This may sound familiar to many! However, each night, she woke 30 minutes earlier each morning and an actual pattern developed.


Last night she told me of a dream where someone sat on her bed and touched her leg. It started to make sense - why my cell phone drained twice in one week at a ridiculously fast pace - why she was waking. It was no dream but quite real! There was a being in the house - a ghost - an earthbound spirit.


Although this could be unsettling for most, it was a normal part of life for me; an everyday occurrence. Not a big deal. I crossed him into the Light and all was back to normal within a short period of time.


My daughter forgot to keep an eye on the portal in her room. For whatever reason, there was a portal on her ceiling - an opening to another dimension where just about any type of being could show up for an unexpected visit. The key was to keep the portal closed. Really, a simple maintenance issue. No worries. Portal door shut.


Some things to keep in mind should you suspect a disembodied visitor:


*Don't freak out! It happens - all the time.

*Don't agitate or egg-on the being.

*Extreme emotions such as fear, anger, argueing, drama and the like only feed a beings energy much like a battery

*If you feel unexplicable sensations such as pressure on the couch or bed and no one is there, think twice.

*If you are touched, especially inappropriately, take action and do not ignore.

*Feelings of being smothered or a pressure in the chest; feelings of being pinned down are NOT a dream.

*Hiring paranormal investigators may get "proof" but that helps no one! Find someone who can cross beings into the Light.

*Electrical issues such as: cell phones draining, computer issues, TV issues, light bulbs burning out frequently may be a sign.

*Animals always know if someone is in the house - trust your dog or cat. They are likely more perceptive than you.

*Sinus, ear, and respiratory issues are also a sign of trouble.

*Keeping a ghost around in order to feel protected or special is to conjure nothing but problems. These beings need to move on.

My name is Cindy Yoakum, I am a medical intuitve and healer here to serve human and animal kind at the turn of the tide. I am an empath and clairvoyant and use my abilities to tap into information provided by the Divine for medical, career, life path, and relationship issues. I work with spiritually gifted children and adults, and teach many classes. In addition, I cross a host of beings into the Light on a regular basis. You can see me on Fox 8, New Day Cleveland - check out my You Tube Videos and Follow.

Prepare for a Jolt!

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It is early June and my eldest was in the midst of taking exam after exam. As she was in her junior year of high school, she did everything humanly possible to make her resume and college application look appealing. Every aspect of her life whether it was grades, her curriculum, volunteer work, leadership, or extracurricular activities, boiled down to the fact that there was not enough time in the day. She was motivated - no question.


Needless to say, sleep has a way of rearing its head when we don't get enough of it. As she was taking the SAT exam, she started drifting off and fell into a twilight state. The next second, she jumped out of her seat as she saw fists pound hard on her desk with great strength and authority. The arms were thick, covered with long dark hair with a large golden watch that resembled a Rolex on the wrist. Surely she was in trouble and the proctor did not like the fact she dozed off.


Fully awake in a split second, she realized there was no proctor in front of her desk. In fact, there was no one at all.


That reverberating jolt was enough to keep her more than awake for the rest of the exam.


It turns out it was her paternal grandfather who had passed away some sixteen years earlier! He had a way of looking out for his granddaughter eventhough she was not even two years old when he died.


Many times he has surfaced and has been of great assistance. What is really amazing is that he and I did not get along very well in life, but in death, we get along swimmingly! Once a human whose body has died goes into the Light, the greatest of healings take place and all limitations removed. That person is now a Being of Light and will have a life of service, even if while on the earth plane, they may have been only of service to themselves. Everything changes once the Light is involved.



My First Ghost Story

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This is a story about a bizarre situation in my own home that opened my eyes changing my life forever. At the time, it was a bit frightening and surreal, but nonetheless, the experience had a modus operandi as do all experiences Divinity sends our way.


Approximately twelve years ago while I was still very much living in the Muggle world (Joanne Rowling), had long since forgotten I had a sixth sense, and lived a linear life based on pure logic, the Divine arranged for my husband and I to purchase a home, but not just any home. (We, of course, thought it was of our own making.)


All seemed fairly normal until I left the corporate world to start my own home based accounting practice. As I was spending a great deal of time at home, I started to feel as if I were not alone, especially when the girls were at my parents during working hours.


There were different levels of confirmation. The more subtle physical sensations included huge temperature swings where one moment the air seemed normal and the next it felt freezing. Sometimes the hair stood up on the back of my neck and other times I felt a brush against my leg when absolutely nothing was there. Most often, I felt as if someone were watching me, but of course, there is no logic to that notion when no one else is in the house! These subtle energies could leave one to believe they are crazy.


Well before the days of the energy efficient light bulbs, we went through quite a few bulbs in a short amount of time. The television turned "on" in the middle of the night when the remote was nowhere near the bed. Electronic toys turned themselves on all at once when the girls were not in the same room.


Eventually, the signs became more clear. My youngest daughter constantly played and frequently held conversations with, to my eyes, herself. My oldest daughter complained that her ponytails were pulled or that someone kept touching her face. She also was afraid to sleep by herself as she often said "something is in my room." Regretfully, I did not believe her as I had no frame of reference or experience to draw from. In order to comfort her, I sometimes agreed to lay in her bed with her until she fell asleep. One night before 9:00 PM when I was fully awake, I felt someone sit on the bed. Horrified as I heard not one single foot step on the wooden floor, I froze from pure fear. My logical mind dismissed it. A few nights later, the same thing happened, only this time I got the nerve to look. There was no one there, but clearly, there was an indentation of someone seated! I began to realize that there was more to life than the three dimensions we perceive.


I told my husband about these ongoing situations, but he was more logic based than I was and thought it was my imagination.


After I attempted to forget my experiences, hoping they would go away, something happened that changed his life going forward. One night while I was fast asleep, my husband woke me and said, "I believe you!" I'm not sure if I was simply not with it or had been in denial, but I said, "About what?" He went on to tell me that someone sat on his side of the bed and he almost fell out of it. The ghost repeated this behavior so that it left no doubt it was not a dream. If fact, we both could see the indentation in the bed each time.


My newly awakened spouse was ready to take action as we both agreed living with a ghost was not something we wanted to continue.


Somehow we happened upon the name of a lady who handled these types of situations. I did not have a last name at the time, but she was known as Mary Ann the Ghostbuster. Mary Ann was busy, but her daughter, who also had the same abilities, returned my call. I will refrain from mentioning her name in case she prefers anonymity as she did many years ago. Mary Ann's daughter was amazing! Over the phone, she knew of two ghosts in our house, one of which was a five year old child and pulled my daughter's ponytails. She also knew the girls and I suffered from frequent sinus and ear infections - characteristic of a spirit in the house.


The elderly male spirit that lived in our house well before we purchased it had followed the previous owner, Eileen, home from the grocery store. He had chosen not to go into the Light when his body died as he had "lived a regrettable life," and in fact, no one went to his funeral. Since Eileen had been experiencing depression from the death of her husband, the male spirit thought he could make her life better - basically, he started working on his karma but after his death. Once Eileen moved out when she became too ill to remain in a house by herself, the spirit felt "stuck" with us! We were a younger family and a bit too loud for his liking, so he made his presence known in hopes we would do something about it.

In addition, there was a boy that visited our house looking for his mother, Eileen. He was hit by a car and had not crossed into the Light because his mom or dad had not yet passed and he did not want to leave them. Mary Ann's daughter told us the name of the young boy, which I will not mention.

What a day! The spirit crossed over into the Light where all healing happens. After a body dies, the emotional and mental bodies remain the exact same as when the body was alive. For instance, a spiteful human whose body has died will remain a spiteful spirit until they have crossed over.

Incredibly, Eileen's daughter was our piano teacher and gave piano lessons weekly in our home. When I called Eileen's daughter to relay the story and specifically mentioned the five year old boy, his story, and his name, she dropped the phone out of pure shock. The boy was her brother! She confirmed everything.

Everything changed that day. Not only did our home have a new and freer feel to it, but all strange phenomena stopped, and most importantly, our eyes were opened to a new world.

As I look back, I realize that was the catalyst for my path to change. Without Divinity providing that experience, I may not have taken my calling to become a healer seriously.

I would like to thank both Mary Ann Winkowski and her daughter for serving in such a high capacity. Their expertise provided an opportunity for me to learn and for that I am grateful!

The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0




An Unexpected Visitor

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Last weekend, I worked serving in the capacity as medical intuitive and healer at the International Holistic Lifestyle Expo in Geneva, OH. During the course of that time, I met many interesting people and predominately served in a teaching capacity, but the situation was reversed for one individual.


A young man in his early thirties named Rob sat in the chair meant for my clients, smiling from ear to ear, clearly inspired. He was genuine, radiated a high vibration, and for whatever reason, was drawn to me. Relying on my perception, I did not get the sense he was full of himself or egotistical, but truly there for a reason. Others, I noticed, thought differently as he spoke mainly about himself, but for a purpose. Rob told me of his enlightenment experience - one of those rare occasions where a human is instantaneouly enlightened. This was the second time I had heard such a story, different from the first, but with the same result. An enlightenment experience is akin to an instant, full awakening where the human remembers his true purpose for his incarnation in this life.


He spoke of fantastic sychronicities always involving the number '9' - the number of completion. In fact, the day his sister's body died was the very day he was completed or awakened - an unusual, but true blessing. Again - not the first story I ever heard.


Finally, at the end of his story, he held both my hands and said nothing. Immediately, I felt a strong, loving energy course up my arms and immediately I knew the Being but could not recall his name. Choked up, I said, "I know you." Rob explained, "I am the Archangel Michael." It was true! I knew Michael well from having worked with him so often, but I had always seen Michael clairvoyantly rather than felt his energy. I guess the best way I can explain it is that it is a soul recognition - a knowing. Rob himself was not Michael, but Michael used Rob as a vessel for the purpose of an attunement - something that was due and necessary for my vessel. Think of it as a tweeking of the way in which we are wired.


Even the healer needs healing, and it was really wonderful to be on the receiving side - it is rare. I am both grateful to Rob for his willingness to put himself out there is such a way that the perception could easily have been miscontrued, and to Michael for his endless service, love, and support.


Not surprisingly, the remainder of the day flowed like honey.


In Light,


Cindy Yoakum


The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0


Spiritually Gifted Sensitives and Beyond

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Haley Joel Osment from the The Sixth Sense



Over the course of the last five months, I have had the honor of working with numerous teen aged girls, and some young women in their twenties, who have spiritual abilities. It has become very clear to me, that it is time to write more about this as new faces are surfacing weekly and nearly all young ladies are having a similar experience.




What is happening? The young women are experiencing phenomena that is difficult to put into words. For instance, they may have "seen" something they cannot explain logically. In other words, they may have seen a shadow in their peripheral vision yet have no body to associate the shadow. Some may hear a disembodied voice, and again, have no body to explain the source of the sound. Sometimes it is a feeling of being watched, or perhaps it is simply a knowing. These experiences may be shared with a parent or friend that is open minded, but all it takes is ridicule for the person to never share that experience again. Young children are more likely to be blatantly honest with such phenomena, but as the child ages, they keep their experience to themselves since they have learned to keep quiet or suffer the consequences. Borrowing from Joanne Rowling's Harry Potter, which is a fabulous frame of reference, the wizard never reveals his/her world to the Muggle (non-magic folk). The "wizard" lives a quiet existence so not to upset the Muggle world. The spiritually gifted are metaphorically like Rowling's wizards, often keeping their world quiet as the Muggle often, but not always, does not understand as the Muggle is five sensory. Along with that silence can come suffering because we lack a Hogwarts School so there is little or no interaction with other wizards, hence you have loneliness and a desire to belong. (Please note I am using this word strictly as a metaphor. It has nothing to do with witchcraft or the practice of Wicca.)


Since the spiritually gifted have a means to communicate outside the five senses, Beings understand this! Often, they have a longing to communicate and once the Being finds a willing or unwilling participant, the Being now "hangs out" at your house. Your new guest may come and go, or perhaps they never leave. Some Beings come with the house (or in some situations, come with the land.) Some travel with antiques or jewelry, and others are just passers-by.


This can be a frightening experience, especially if no one can relate. The person may begin to feel victimized or afraid of their own house. Sometimes, they may begin to feel like they are crazy. They are not! What they do have is a developing sixth sense.


Often, the situation becomes overwhelming and is ignored with the hope it will go away. If there are "disturbances" in a house, rarely do the disturbances stop without assistance.


Why now? Along with the highly significant year of 2012, the year of change has ushered in the thinning of the veil, and in fact, the veil has been progressively becoming thinner even prior to 2012. Think of the veil as the thin membrane between worlds where those in spirit live right along with us embodied humans. For those who are coming into their gifts, this can be surprising, as the sensitive may rarely feel alone even when he or she is the only one in the room. The sensitive simply may not have yet learned to be in the "off" position.


In addition, I am also finding a pattern of unusual circumstances either in the house or on the land. Cases where clients are bombarded with spirit, some malignant and some benign, there is often a portal (a door) that is open allowing Beings to travel with ease to our world, but these Beings are frequently unsavory. The portal is typically unbeknownst to the homeowner, but often the more sensitive members of the household dislike an aspect of the house or yard as it does not have a good "feel" to it. Hence a new set of issues!


Identification of the Being is crucial and a novice may have no idea, and now the sensitive trends in dangerous waters without the proper guidance. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but with the proper guidance, all can be well.


Words of Advice:


A few tips to maneuver through the unknown:


1) Denial is not the path to wisdom. The experiences/disturbances will not lessen by ignoring it.


2) Do not challenge/bargain with that which you do not understand.


3) Trust your senses! Most sensitives second guess themselves until they have received some form of acknowledgment from a practiced hand.


4)Calmness is key.


5) Never, ever use a Ouija Board. If you have one, dispose of it in such a way that no one may ever use it again.

6) Avoid seances at all costs.


Remember the movie, The Sixth Sense, with that cute little boy and Bruce Willis? He says, "I see dead people!" It frightened him immensely, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not hide from them. Why? The Beings KNEW he could see them and they desperately wanted help. Imagine what it is like to pass from your body, not go into the Light for whatever reason (and there are many), lose the Light because it only lasts so long, and then become stuck on the earth plane. That is what happens - they just want our help!


Here are some examples of what I would consider phenomena that is NOT aggressive but is nonetheless, characteristic of an earthbound being: electronic issues such as cell phone batteries draining much faster than normal, computer issues, lights either blinking or burning out with ease, TVs turning on by itself, the sensation of someone sitting on a bed/couch/sofa and yet "no one" is there, electronic toys going haywire, missing keys, children holding conversations with seemingly no one, and more. Also characteristic of the presence of an earthbound spirit(s) are health issues, most especially respiratory issues such as sinus, asthma, ear infections, and lung issues.


These issues above are reason enough to seek help. No one should have to share their home with a spirit. On occasion, I will speak with someone who thinks it exciting to have a spirit; it is as if it makes them feel special. I would suggest seeking help with the spirit - let the special come from another less harmful avenue.


Some do not want our help and their intent is to harm. If you or your loved one is experiencing unexplainable, hostile phenomena, seek help immediately. Let me give you some examples: waking up with bruises that surfaced for no known reason, a sense of violation whether sexual or physical, pinned down while sleeping, being pulled off a bed or thrown off a bed, or worse such as thoughts of suicide or homicide. These are extreme situations that I have seen on many occasions, and it does not have to happen to a sensitive person. It can happen to anyone.


These harmful beings are a vast array of characters; their origins are sometimes unclear, but their intent is not. Absolutely, positively, do not attempt to tango with them. Seek professional help. (Be wary of mainstream assistance as the Muggle psychiatrist may be apt to prescribe drugs or even worse.)  Also, it is crucial that you do not use the mindset of "going into battle."


I have been on the receiving end of both malignant and benign beings, and the observation that I draw is that the beings that make the most noise, create the most disturbances, and tend to show themselves are usually, but not always the ones that want assistance. The beings that lurk in the shadows and make an effort to stay hidden often do not want to be found, but this isn't absolute.

Some things/situations/beings we simply do not understand.


Take heart! There is hope!! There are many trained practitioners that can assist and clear the beings, allowing for healing on multiple levels.

Start with a search, but avoid what may be deemed as adversarial as darker or heavier energies tend to like a fight, and those are not favorable conditions. Look for a healer or a shaman - someone who works compassionately for the highest good of all.


The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0