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The Divine Download

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A week or so ago, I was channel surfing and happened upon an episode of Ancient Aliens on the H2 cable channel entitled "The Genius Factor".  To my delight, the entire episode was dedicated to the very notion I have been speaking about for years! Actually, it is two ideas that are basically first cousins if not siblings.  First is the idea that problem solving and creative concepts are born from our dreams while we sleep. Second, is the closely related belief that these same tools may be accessed from meditation.  Thank you H2!

Which geniuses use this technique?  Likely many more than we can identify.  Besides Albert Einstein, which I have written about on numerous occasions, how about the brilliance of Nikola Tesla?  Much has been written about Tesla, but most recently H2 did an episode called, "The Tesla Experiment."

How do geniuses get their ideas?

Normal awakened thought patterns are considered beta brain waves.  This is the brain waves we normally experience when we are fully awake and going about our day.  Beta is necessary for tapping into logic and reasoning.  It is how most people go about problem solving.  

However, it is essential to change the pattern of brainwaves in order to tap into the consciousness of the Universe. Brain waves such as alpha, theta, and delta are the waves that are desirable for the resonance required for a Divine download. Moving from one wave to the next is not a matter of effort so much as it is a matter of being.

The best way I can describe what it feels like to be in alpha is to "zone out."  Most can get into alpha by simply staring at a point on the floor or a wall.  It is the perfect state of "day dreaming."  Creative ideas come much easier this way.  My artist daughter uses this technique when she is creating.  Intuitive hits come while in this state or even deeper.  

Theta waves are a deeper state.  It is what I refer to as a grounded or meditative state.  This state may require a solid teacher, practice, and patience.  Theta waves are doubtlessly the state that Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs used to obtain remarkable ideas.  In fact, Jobs credited his meditative practices to his success.

My medical intuitive and healing sessions are conducted while in theta.  I cannot speak enough about the wondrous events that can occur while in this state. Truly it cannot be underestimated.  

Delta waves are obtained while in the sleep state.  While in delta, we dream and receive valuable information for a gamut of reasons.  Dreams have the propensity to solve countless issues and may also procure countless ideas.  Srinivasa Ramanujan, and Indian mathematical genius from the mid 1800's, received mathematical theories while sleeping.  Amazingly, he had no formalized training in mathematics and flunked out of college twice!  Ramanujan's theory regarding black holes has been proven one hundred years later.  

These are just a few but powerful testaments to the benefits of tapping into information that is readily available to us all.  You don't have to be a genius! 

Good Will Hunting

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Dream themes often repeat themselves, have you ever noticed? Over and over again I have dreamt of a friend from high school who is probably one of the most talented women I have ever known. She had the midas touch - grades and musical talent to name just a few. So I ask myself, what does she mean for me?


Let me tell you more...


Let's call her Laura. Laura, from my perception, could have made it in the music industry had she given it a try. Do I really know that? No - it isn't intuition, just an opinion. Instead, she dropped out of college after a year and waited tables. Eventually, she taught herself data entry and progressed through a company, getting promoted.


Is there anything wrong with that? No. It was her choice.


However, the question in the dream world is: What does she represent for me?


How could someone so brilliant and a natural at music not reach for the stars?


The answer is likely the lack of self-esteem.


In my dream, she was a duck and was kept in a pen. Interestingly, it reminds me of the AFLAC commercials where there is a talking duck.


Let's put the pieces of the puzzle together...


My husband intervened for this dream. After he understood the frame of reference for Laura and that it reminds me of a commercial, he knew what my dream meant!


In the film, Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon plays a college-aged man who is a janitor, but is brilliant. In fact, he easily solves a math problem that stumps many. Ben Affleck befriends Matt Damon, picking him up for work each day, but hopes he will not show up for a ride having decided to make something of himself and go to school, ditching the janitorial position.


Matt Damon's character had some huge self esteem issues that Robin Williams, a counselor, brings to his attention.


Affleck is the tie-in to AFLAC.


The dream is guiding to keep an eye on self esteem.


Reach for the stars!

This entry was written prior to the passing of Robin Williams.  RIP.


My name is Cindy Yoakum, I am a medical intuitve and healer here to serve human and animal kind at the turn of the tide. I am an empath and clairvoyant and use my abilities to tap into information provided by the Divine for medical, career, life path, and relationship issues. I work with spiritually gifted children and adults, and teach many classes. In addition, I cross a host of beings into the Light on a regular basis. You can see me on Fox 8, New Day Cleveland - check out my You Tube Videos and Follow.




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Have you ever had a dream within a dream?  This is the premise of the film, Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  The film uses artificial means to infiltrate the subconscious minds of others in order to commit corporate espionage.  

Although the film is fiction, a dream within a dream is very real but somewhat rare.  As a healer who frequently crosses beings (ghosts) to the other side, I find that clients who have Inception-like dreams are on the receiving end of some sort of ghostly activity.  In other words, it is a sign, often one of many, that they have an earthbound spirit or ghost in their home.  

The client often experiences "dreams" that leave them feeling unsettled at best.  The dream may or may not be disturbing, but certainly they always report it is different than a typical dream.  The unsettled feeling is just enough to prompt them to tell me about it.  The dream may literally be about a disembodied visitor or may give the client the sense someone is communicating with them or watching them.  This is very different than a communication from a friend or loved one from the other side.  Dreams from the Light have a lighter more ethereal feel whereas "dreams" regarding ghosts have a heavier feel.  This is where you need to take action and get some assistance with the process of crossing beings over to the Light.

Not to worry!  Ghosts or spirits are a part of life and with someone like myself or another who is trained in this arena, a being can be crossed and your home will feel like more a home than a motel with unwanted guests.  I am able to cross beings over remotely - I do not need to be in the home or place of business.  

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

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Due diligence is a term familiar to anyone who is searching for something. It is about dotting all the "i"s and crossing the "t"s to make sure the best choice is made.

Unless your an impulsive buyer, we tend to shop for the right car, the right home, the right outfit, the right partner, and in this case, the right university. What continually amazes me is the fact that we usually know which one is right by mere gut instinct, yet we continue to shop, hence this post.

Right University has been imbedded in my daughter's spirit for some time. As an intuitive, I can confirm as I too feel the University as a match. However, her high school counselors have strongly encouraged due diligence for the student body. It makes perfect sense considering we live in a mind-oriented culture where logic rules all. And, by the way, it isn't meant to sound critical - ten years ago I would have used logic to dictate most of my choices. I get it.

However, this is how Divinity works...

Upon the visit to Right University, there was a symbolic chemical reaction on my daughter's part. She was in seventh heaven the minute she stepped onto the campus. Spirit guided this decision at least a year before we visited as she was drawn, like a magnet, to this magical place.

Since the magical visit, there is a certain obligation to continue on with the search, so we did. Only a handful of schools met my daughter's criteria as she knows exactly what she wants (or more likely exactly where Divinity wants her.)

Prior to our early morning departure to visit one of the schools, she had a dream.

She is in math class and the teacher has lost the attendance materials and the seating chart. Flustered, he places my daughter next to the clown.

In waking life, the math teacher literally attended the university we were visiting and was not necessarily enamored with his choice. The clown represented a theatrical role played by her friend and co-thespian.

As we drove and interpreted the dream, we realized there was a chance the University lost her registration for this event, but we contemplated whether this notion could be expanded into the application process. Interestingly, as we traveled, we saw a sign that referred to the city where Right University was located. Noted.

Sure enough, my daughter was not registered for the event, but it was not a deal breaker. As we sat in the large auditorium with a thousand others listening, we expected a presentation on the school, but instead found ourselves entertained by a comedian (the clown.) During the presentation, two more signs presented in that the comedian himself was from the same city as Right University AND one of the audience members was from the same suburb of the city we stayed in while visiting Right. I would guess that was one-in-a-million chance considering geography.

Meanwhile, the comedian's school had many ammenities but did not have the feel Right provided. Overall, the experience was positive in that it provided clarity for choice. It is just as important to know what you don't want.

On the way back to the car, the final sign sparkled on the back of the windshield of a car. For the first time since occupying the city where Right resided, the University was proudling displayed for all to see.

There could be no question.

Since we live in a Muggle world (Harry Potter reference), we followed through as was expected, but deep down, there was nothing like intuition.

And yes, if you are shopping for colleges, by all means, a campus visit is a necessity.

Do you have any SIGN stories to share? Send an email to: [email protected]

My name is Cindy Yoakum, I am a medical intuitve and healer here to serve human and animal kind at the turn of the tide. I am an empath and clairvoyant and use my abilities to tap into information provided by the Divine for medical, career, life path, and relationship issues. I work with spiritually gifted children and adults, and teach many classes. In addition, I cross a host of beings into the Light on a regular basis. You can see me on Fox 8, New Day Cleveland - check out my You Tube Videos and Follow.


Just When I Though I've Seen Everything...

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As a clairvoyant and empath in the holistic healing arts, I have witnessed many unusual healing sessions, but this one was nothing short of bizarre. My client, Priscilla, whom I had seen once before, came in hopes of assistance with a rare ailment, considered autoimmune, that affects about 1,400 worldwide.


The skin condition created havoc in her mouth and initially presented as thrush to her health care providers, but later it was determined it was a rare disease which caused blistering in the mouth and even the throat. It was difficult for her to get relief so she was hopeful to receive intuition on moving forward.


Priscilla received a great deal of Light - Light is the term I use for the Divine Light - a form of healing that has no limitation and may take the form of what we would deem a miracle. As I am the vessel for the Light, I am privy to the amount of Light that flows from Divinity to my client as it flows through my Being. Vast amounts of Light went directly to the mouth and the head with the intensity varying in degree, but overall a huge healing.


During this time, I am receiving intuitive hits that give me information on whatever is most important at that time. I knew the names Michael and Mary where of huge significance to Priscilla, but I was not sure how, so I waited to relay this information as it was likely it would make more sense later on in the session. Priscilla wanted to know what it was she needed to do as it was certain action was necessary on her part.


Illnesses, diseases, and issues often require far more than conventional medicine for a full healing, and Priscilla was wise to know she had work to do.


During a session, it is always my goal for my client to be empowered. Rather than asking myself what it was she needed to do, it made more sense for her to ask herself. The minute she posed this question to Divinity, the strangest thing I have ever witnessed to the date of this writing happened.


Priscilla tensed up physically and started breathing heavily, but the odd thing was that at first, I had no idea what was happening! As an empath, I feel my client's physical and emotional pain, but at that moment, I felt nothing. I had nothing. No feelings - nothing to go on. I actually did not know what to do - this was alien to me.


And then, I had an epiphany. I asked, "Are you in labor?" Priscilla, in shock, said, "Yes - I think I'm having contractions! I feel like I'm baring down...but it actually feels good. It makes me feel young again." Priscilla was absolutely not pregnant with child and in her early 50's. I asked, "So what do you need to birth?" She said, "I think it is a book."


It took some time for the contractions to pass, but right there in my chair, an idea was born!


We spoke about the Tutors, her fascination with the historical subject, and certain synchronicities that had taken place regarding the Tutors. Priscilla believed she needed to write a book about this subject. "Mary", the name I received earlier, then resurfaced and I asked Priscilla about Mary Queen of Scots. It turned out that there was a book on Priscilla's nightstand she had not read yet, believe it or not, on Mary Queen of Scots! I added, "I think you need to read that book!"


Michael was a name I received strongly with Priscilla the last time I saw her, but had forgotten. We still could not identify him, but I suspected he was a guardian or teacher.


As if that was not odd enough, I had had a dream that night regarding my client. There was a Michael in my dream, and having given him a hello kiss, he said to be careful as he was recovering from a virus that took a long time to heal. I had difficulty interpreting this dream as I thought it applied to me, but it did not, it was for Priscilla.


Adding yet another layer, while on the virus topic, Priscilla relayed that her dear friend said Priscilla ought to be cautious when telling others she had an autoimmune disease as it may be interpreted as HIV. At first, Priscilla took issue as the first thing that came to her mind was lupus or Crohn's disease - not HIV. However, Priscilla said her friend was highly intuitive and on many occasions said things that struck her as odd or insensitive, but always rang true once the shock factor wore off. HIV was a virus - I dreamt it was a virus.


I do not know if her diagnosis was diffinitive nor do I know if the treatment would be any different, but I do believe it will take time for Priscilla to fully heal.


Cindy Yoakum, LightWorks Medical Intuition and Healing


The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0


Einstein and Intuition (Part II)

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How do you stop the incessant mind chatter or what seems to be madness of the left brain? Einstein knew how to "zone out", in essence, by altering his brainwaves somewhere between alpha and theta - think of alpha as a light meditation and theta as a deep meditation. My guess is that while he found himself in a bathtub, sometimes for hours, it is more likely he was in theta. This is where intuition, guidance, and epiphanies flow like a river! This is the state I am in when conducting high level healings and medical intuition, in fact, my beloved Sufi teacher insisted on it. This is where clarity lives; the place where you want to be if you cannot logic your way through an issue or a problem. Have you ever daydreamed? This is a good start - just try fixating your eyes on a spot on a wall and notice how the zoning out actually feels good, and you may find yourself deeply relieved from a mind that cannot or will not stop.




Another deeply intuitive way to tap into intuition is dreams, and anyone who sleeps long enough to enter the delta phase of brainwaves is dreaming, although many do not remember their dreams. (see my earlier blog, "What if I Don't Remember My Dreams?") This guidance is pure as the conscious mind has been removed - that very bit of logic that tends to get in the way.


Meditation is essential to anyone who hopes to incorporate intuition into their life. The deepest meditation involves the deepest of grounding - something that cannot be taught by a blog alone. Grounding, my it's very nature, unites the spirit with the body. The vast majority of people's spirits tend to float above their bodies as they have not learned otherwise. Once the spirit and the body are united, there is a centeredness and a wholeness to that person. This is the place where answers are actually felt - there is no thought! There is a knowingness - there is clarity - there is wisdom.


Find a teacher and learn this art as it is absolutely essential to evolving. Deep grounding raises the vibration and makes it easier to commune with the Divine, our truest selves.


The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0



The Sleepover

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Katie was at the mall and found herself on the phone with her aunt, asking whether or not the aunt was coming to the sleepover party. The aunt said, "Don't you know a storm is coming?" Katie had no idea, but still wanted the party.


The scene changes and Katie and her mom are in a department store, shopping. Katie's mom tries on a dress, but has spandex pants on underdeath for the purpose of exercising. In fact, the mom is stretching while modeling the dress.


Katie grows agitated with the saleswoman who seemed to take forever to check out, and asks, "Can you wrap this up, already? We really need to get going." However, the saleswoman is overworked and cannot get to the dress, and the entire matter takes a long time.


Eventually, Katie and her mom arrive home only to find sleepover guests have already arrived and are waiting outside the front door to enter.


Katie is frustrated that she could not be a better hostess for her sleepover, having arrived after her guests.


In the waking world, the aunt represented a person for Katie who had difficulty with money and making ends meet, so the theme of the dream was actually about money. In the dream world, sleepovers imply that either the dreamer is unaware of a situation or refuses to accept a situation. In this case, Katie refused to accept the money situation - she wanted to move along with her party whether or not a storm was brewing.


The mother, in the waking world for Katie, represented the one who was supporting her financially and the exercise pants implied she was "working out" the money situation or stretching the situation. However, there is great impatience on Katie's part - not with her mom - but with the saleswoman who represents the situation as whole. In essence, there is nothing she can do about it.


Lastly, Katie did make it to her sleepover party, but the circumstances were not necessarily ideal as Katie felt she was not a good hostess.


Some dreams do not leave us feeling warm and fuzzy - this is a case where the dreamer, in the waking world, was rendered without control.


Cryptic is an understatement when it comes to interpreting dreams! People in dreams always represent something or someone - ask yourself, "What does this person represent for me?" The aunt represented financial difficulty, but perhaps another person represents another quality.


Happy Dreaming!


The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0



Prophetic Dreams-Information about the Future (Part II)

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This blog is a continuation of Prophetic Dreams-Information about the Future (Part I).


I am observing from a distance, a majestic, white horse and a girl working together for a common purpose in a parking lot. The parking lot was made of concrete; however, there were some holes filled with asphalt. The horse used his hooves and the girl used her foot to pat down sections of asphalt.


Typically, a parking lot in the dream world is about a “wait” period; it is the place where a car “waits” to go from point A to point B when navigating through life. Holes, in a parking lot, are not problematic, as the holes can be patched – just like a problem can be fixed. White horse, in the dream world, is an exceptionally good symbol since it means good fortune, and the girl, represented my daughter. It was not clear what needed mending, but the white horse meant something wonderful would happen with the school situation, but would take some time – remember the wait period.


After having received notice that half of my daughter’s tuition was awarded, we wondered where the second half of tuition would surface. I began to wonder if I had misinterpreted the dream. Within one day of the first monthly tuition payment, of which we had no money for, a letter came in the mail. My daughter was awarded a full endowment scholarship! We owed nothing!


Two important ideas come from this experience. The first is that dreams CAN BE prophetic, but interpret with caution. Be careful not to be so attached to outcome that you get in the way, and misinterpret. Second, the Universe works in an amazing way – a way is ALWAYS made when it is part of the Divine’s plan. Think of the plan as a blueprint – we each have a blueprint that was predetermined before our incarnation. The school and the means of attending the school were all part of a predetermined blueprint taylored to fit my daughter.


Disappointment surfaces when our plans do not fit the Divine's plan, but when the plans are the same, the results are nothing short of absolute wonderment!


Happy Dreaming!


The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0


Prophetic Dreams-Information about the Future (Part I)

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While shopping for furs, three different coats were available for my choosing. The owner of the store suggested I touch each fur to feel which I liked best. The first fur was clearly a synthetic as it felt plastic and cheap; without a doubt it was inferior. The second fur was genuine, but not necessarily something I would want to wear. The third fur was silky, thick, and beautiful. By far, the third fur was the superior choice and there was no question which fur to purchase.


With the utmost clarity, this dream was about shopping for high schools for my daughter as there were three schools we were considering. Furs, in the dream world, generally represent wealth and luxury. The schools we looked at were all private schools and would require, in some cases, a great deal of money. Often, but not always, price is often characteristic of the value of a purchase. Intuitively, both my daughter and I felt the most expensive school was a match for her, and not because of the price tag. There was truly a resonation – it was a vibrational match between her and the school. Without question, I knew the third fur represented our school of choice. The dream’s purpose was both confirmation of our intuition and a prophecy of where she would attend.


In fact, my daughter was accepted to the exceptional school of her choice!


What was also amazing about this story was that we did not know a soul at the school – it was purely intuition – a pull – a nudge –a gut feeling, and the dream confirmed a fleeting thought that was conceived four years prior to that moment while she was in fourth grade, driving past the school.


The only question was – how? We did not have the financial means...


To be continued... see Prophetic Dreams Part II.


This blog is in no way a social statement about furs, but it used strictly as a symbolic reference.


Happy Dreaming!


The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0

Warning Dreams

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A young college student named Jennifer had a dream that her boyfriend really wanted her to visit, and worked diligently in getting her to agree. The boyfriend coerced her by insisting he had a cute furry fox to show Jennifer. Even though this was against Jennifer's best judgment, she agreed to visit the boyfriend. Upon her arrival, the cute furry fox turned into a ferocious alligator.


The connotation of a fox is usually slyness, and this certainly is not a trait one would strive for in a boyfriend! The fox turned into an alligator and alligator's are known for exceptionally sharp teeth and snapping jaws. This relationship was not in Jennifer's best interest, and the interesting notion is that deep down, she knew that.


Our intuition always serves our highest good, but the dream was necessary to get Jennifer to acknowledge this notion on a conscious level.


Listen to your dreams - this may have saved Jennifer from a bad relationship.


Happy Dreaming!


The Lotus LightWorker (Cindy Yoakum) / CC BY 3.0