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I'm Cindy Summer and I find my calling ever changing. It is a challenge to give myself a single description, so for now, I'll go with Spiritual Counselor.  For over a decade, I've been an intuitive healer having studied under Sarah Weiss. To this day, Sarah's technique, in the Sufi tradition, is my favorite and the most effective I've ever encountered. I'm also a psychic and continue my studies with more credentials on the way. On the physical side, I'm a Certified Herbalist having obtained training from Dr. Jane Semple at the Alternative Healing Institute. I suggest tried and true diet/supplementation from Dr. Semple's vast experience. It works!

Dream interpretation is one of those tools I adore. Over many years, I've become adept at understanding symbology since dreams are so rarely literal. Check out my video archive tab for dream analysis on television.

I work with children, teens, adults, and even animals. It isn't necessary to come to my studio in Cleveland. We can work remotely on Facetime or Zoom. If you prefer, even a telephone call. Energy is energy, so it doesn't matter how far away. My clients have been as far as the British Isles.


Certified Light Journey Guide~SpiritHeal Institute, Cleveland

Certified Herbalist~Alternative Healing Institue, Cleveland

Ordained Minister Spiritualist Church, Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy~Lily Dale, NY. 


 In Light, 

 Cindy Summer 


Here is a delightful interview that was conducted by Lina Bouc, Editor of Viral Global News, on more specifics of my background and what I do for the energetic side:

Viral Global News



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Cindy pictured with Kristi Capel of Fox 8.