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Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Counselor; Certified Herbalist



My name is Cindy Summer and I'm the founder of LightWorks Medical Intuition and Healing. On the intuitive healing side of the spectrum, I'm a certified Light Journey Guide through the SpiritHeal Institute. On the physical/mental side, I'm a Certified Herbalist through the Alternative Healing Institute.   

Previously a CPA, I had no intention of changing careers until I discovered something.  I was told, by a spiritual teacher, that I was a healer and a teacher.  This, of course, seemed preposterous to me until I began to feel energy emitting from my hands.  I then pursued Reiki as a means to begin developing this new discovery.  Soon thereafter, I began to see internally into human bodies as I was doing Reiki sessions.  Problem areas of an organ, bone, or tissue belonging to the clients became readily apparent.  It was time to find a teacher to properly manage these gifts.  After finding an amazing teacher and training arduously for a year, I fine tuned my skills, and became certified as a Light Journey Guide and have been conducting sessions ever since.

Reiki was a starting point early in my career, but I no longer use it.  Instead, Divinity uses me as a vessel to facilitate the Divine Light - an infinite and extreme high vibration of healing, in fact so high that my vessel is basically a buffer between the Divine and the client as the vibration may be too intense for direct healing upon the client.  My "wiring" is very different as compared to most humans whereas I have been attuned and prepared for exceptional healings should the Divine arrange such a meeting between me and a potential healing recipient. 

I do not agree to work with every client that contacts me as I must be a match for that person.  If I cannot help, I will refer to those who I feel are a better match.  

I give full credit and recognition to the Divine for my clarity as a medical intuitive and as a healer.  Even though I call myself a healer, it is not actually me who is performing the healing, but God.  I am merely the channel – the arms and legs of the Divine.  This, I recognize as a privilege, and am grateful for the opportunity to serve on this planet. 

I also work with the spiritually gifted, including children, ranging from a variety of ages.  As a mother of two spiritually gifted daughters, I have an affinity for these amazing souls and cherish working with them.  

Predominately, I work with humans but have also had great success with animals, including horses.

Recently, I have added consultation services on both diet and supplementation for all needs, including physical, mental, emotional, and sexual health. 

My practice is located in the Greater Cleveland area, however, my remote sessions for those out-of-state or unable to travel are just as effective.   


 In Light, 

 Cindy Summer 


Here is a delightful interview that was conducted by Lina Bouc, Editor of Viral Global News, on more specifics of my background and what I do for the energetic side:

Viral Global News



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